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Why gold is so useful in WoW Classic

You need gold coins to upgrade your skills, buy handicrafts / leveling materials, learn to ride (allow you to use mounts), buy food / flasks for raids, repair equipment (when riding at the highest level, you may need a lot of gold actually used for this purpose). In general, I have played two major parties, and the only thing I paid for was to improve my team skills. Besides playing games, I have everything else I need. I’m not sure how it works in the current popular World of Warcraft classic, but you probably won’t be able to buy the best equipment in gold at that time. Only by completing "dungeons and raids" can we get it. In the updated World of Warcraft extension, there are a lot of epic quality gear tied to the gear, which means you can buy / sell to other players.

How can I get “free” WoW Gold?

If you’ve never played before, you can try World of Warcraft for free for 30 days.

You can also play games and collect gold coins, buy wow tokens from auction houses and apply them for 30 days (take about 100000g to 200000g according to the demand You can earn thousands of gold a day). You can now accumulate 1000000 grams per character.

So go into the game and do all these endless daily newspapers and sell goods. Because now you can play for free.

How do you think about world of warcraft?

Because of how many people are playing, it may last for a while.

But I did pull out of the game in 2011. At last I realized that it wasn’t much fun Why should I keep spending money to play? Many other people I know left for similar reasons.

A big problem with MMO is that developers will never be able to publish content fast enough to keep players busy. They can solve this problem by adding new classes / contests and promoting things like PVP, which WvW does, but only gets you on the right track. Even World of Warcraft, with its huge revenue, may become the last monthly subscription based MMO in history.

With many other games, users can create content. Then, the community basically expands the game for you, and you don’t have to pay for it or manage the distribution. But it’s really hard for MMO to do that. In fact, to some extent, the only game to manage it is not MMO.

It’s true that many non MMO games cannot be modified, but at least they don’t require a lot of server maintenance. Therefore, in that case, you may only be able to make money by selling DLC, but since you hardly need to pay any expense to maintain the game, the profit will actually be higher (this is assuming that there are even many players in your MMO, which cannot be guaranteed). In real MMOs (rather than instantiated quasi MMOs), these costs can be very high.

Another key point for any MMO is that simply keeping it simple is not worth it. All MMOs will have some stubborn players, they may not quit, but you need a certain amount of money to make server maintenance worth And those hardcore players are almost certainly below that. As the game ages, this starts to be a bigger problem because you need to get new players to replace those who leave. So far, World of Warcraft seems to have had a good time, but We will see.

Why Choose Aoeah to buy wow gold?

Well, there are many websites that have started to sell World of Warcraft classic gold, but dear friends, you must be clear that buying World of Warcraft Classic Gold may cause your account to be temporarily or permanently frozen, so please ask before choosing business. Please be sure to ask about the security situation, otherwise it will not be worth the money.

But this is a small probability. Aoeah website will be reassuring as long as the suppliers who manage the website carefully can improve the service quality. It has a professional service team, because the boss is also a game fan. Very understanding of the needs of players, so the security performance is very high, the delivery speed is very fast, the most important thing is that during the event, the price is very cheap.

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