Arcusgold began as a small one-man RS Gold shop on several forums in mid 2011, after RS gold buying and selling became an option again with the removal of trade limits, buying and selling through internet forums and instant messaging. Over the course of months, with hard work, commitment to service, and honest business practices Arcusgold grew rapidly to become one of the go-to sellers of Runescape Gold, RS services, and RS Accounts across a variety of forums. Arcusgold opened our first RS Gold site in early 2012, and expanded our runescape gold and business significantly. Today in 2016, despite the many changes that have occurred, the rs gold service that took Arcusgold from our roots to where Arcusgold are today remains largely unchanged.

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Why buy and sell Runescape Gold with ArcusGold?

RS Gold Discount – New customers at ArcusGold can save money by asking us on live chat for a discount prior to placing an order. ArcusGold have coupon codes available for different products such as Runescape Accounts, Runescape Gold, RS 2007 Gold, etc.

Runescape Gold saves you time – Runescape Gold is the primary resource used in Runescape 3 and Runescape 2007 to purchase the highest tier armour, weapons, cosmetics available. ArcusGold work with a network of suppliers to give you the best price available on the market – so you can quickly get back to doing what you enjoy on Runescape.

Cheapest RS Gold Selling Prices – Runescape Gold and old school Rs gold prices are updated daily or as frequently as necessary, ArcusGold ensure prices cheaper than other RS websites. If you find an RS gold site with a cheaper price than ours, kindly let us know so we can match the price. Our Runescape accounts are of the highest unique quality, and are insured by us to never be recovered by us. Whether you’re looking for a new main, pure, skillers, stakers, pkers, etc you will have no problem finding what you are looking for at our Runescape 2007 accounts page. Our Pokemon Go Accounts are the cheapest, high quality accounts available on the market and are clearly detailed on the product page. We do not mislead you with our prices. Our prices for RS gold and old school runescape gold are clearly displayed – unlike other websites which charge a “delivery” or “paypal” fee on top of the price.

Highest RS Gold Buying Prices – sell many billions of Runescape Gold everyday. This requires us to purchase even more rs gold than we sell from our suppliers. We will buy any amount of runescape gold you have available (with a minimum trade amount of $25) and pay you immediately with your preferred and desired payment method. If you wish to sell runescape gold, you can do so here with the highest amount of security.

NO Banned – deliver our RS gold orders in the safest manner possible, to avoid you getting banned. We have never had a customer banned for buying RS gold from us. This is critical to ensuring that your runescape gold remains on your account and you keep your rs accounts safe.

Is Arcusgold Legit

Arcusgold is a legit site,Protect Your Money Safety.

What are my chances of being banned?

ArcusGold can proudly say that we have not had any of our customers banned for purchasing Runescape Gold for personal use. However, RWT is against Runescape’s Code of Conduct, and as such we do not take responsibility for bans taken place after a trade. Generally, buying RS Gold is very safe – like we’ve mentioned – out of the thousands of customers we’ve served since 2011, none have been permanently banned as a result of buying gold from us.

What is your Refund Policy?

If WE are unable to deliver your order in a time frame we consider to be reasonable (in most cases, a maximum of 24 hours), we will offer you a full refund. An order may be modified at any time before delivery between products, however once an order has been successfully delivered, there are no refunds. We do, however, buy rs gold, incase you choose you would like to sell your gold back to us at anytime in the future.

How do I know you guys are safe?

We’ve been in the Runescape RWT business for over 2 and a half years. We have served thousands of customers over this time, with our roots beginning on forums such as Powerbot and Sythe. We have since grown to become one of the top RS gold selling sites.


ArcusGold is not affiliated with RuneScape and do not take responsibility for any action against your RuneScape account. Arcusgold have never heard one of our customers banned for Real World Trading (RWT), however this is does not generate a guarantee, Arcusgold are not responsible for any actions taken to your account from purchasing any product from website. If you do not make an attempt to contact us after you order, we will either refund the payment, contact you through your e-mail address and/or telephone number provided on our order form, or will deliver as soon as you contact us through live-chat. All orders are delivered within a maximum of 24 hours. If we are unable to deliver an order within 24 hours we will refund in full. 

Arcusgold may allow you to request a refund for your payment to be used on other products on our site, at anytime prior to delivery. For example if you wish to order gold from another server, you may do so before delivery. Refunds are only granted if an order is not delivered within 24 hours. After delivery there is no option to exchange it for other products at our shop.

Sell Runescape 3 Gold to Arcusgold

Please message Arcusgold live chat at the bottom right corner of the screen. Whether you have 100m Rs3 or 5b eoc runescape gold, Arcus gold will strive to give you the best price possible and buy all of your Runescape gold in an efficient manner. You can expect swift payment after handing over your Rs3 Gold to us, via the method of your choosing. Arcus gold buy tonnes of Runescape 3 Gold everyday and have been doing so since 2011. Arcusgold have maintained our status as one of the top trusted eoc runescape gold websites still in the market today.

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