Auction House is the best place to get WoW Classic Gold

Most World of Warcraft classic players know that the auction house is where you make a lot of gold or get the best gear, but for new players and those who have spent many years in classic World of Warcraft games, find They are difficult.

The Auction House (AH) is a marketplace in WoW that allows players to trade items with other players or buy items on their own. Players can sell items until they are sold to other players.

If they do not sell, these items will be returned to the player via email. AH is especially helpful for leveling your career, because you can find and buy materials that are difficult to cultivate, or materials that you can’t collect initially.

All auction houses in Warcraft Classic are linked, which means that you can get items for sale by any player, whether tribal or alliance.

Each faction has three main auction houses in its own big city and three neutral auction houses in the common territory.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold?