Brewmoon Festival is a level 90-90 contested scenario in Pandaria.

Protect the Brewmoon Festival. A level 90 Brewmoon Festival Quest (Scenario)

Brewmoon Festival is an scenario in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. The event is started by Brewmaster Boof at Binan Village.

Quick Facts

  • Players: 3
  • Level: 90
  • Required item level: 425
  • Introduced in patch: 5.0.5


  • Stage 1: The Brewmoon Festival!Help Brewmaster Boof's assistants gather the ingredients for the Kun-Lai Kicker.
  • Stage 2: The Scouts Report.Investigate the Yaungol sightings.
  • Stage 3: The Yaungol attack!Stop the Bataari invasion on Binan Village.
  • Stage 4: Warbringer QobiDefeat Warbringer Qobi.


  • Position is everything! Try to fight alongside Binan’s pandaren as well as the defenses you set up.
  • Your mini-map will display the locations of incoming yaungol marauders.

Stage guide

Stage 1: The Brewmoon Festival!

Help Brewmaster Boof's assistants gather the ingredients for the Kun-Lai Kicker.
  • Defeat Karsar the Bloodletter
  • Defeat Li Te
  • Defeat the Virmen in the silos
  • Start Brewing the Kun-Lai Kicker

Stage 2: The Scouts Report

Investigate the Yaungol sightings.
  • Defeat the scouts from the passage
  • Village defenses set up

Stage 3: The Yaungol Attack!

Stop the Bataari invasion on Binan Village.
  • Stop the waves of Bataari

Final Stage: Warbringer Qobi

Defeat Warbringer Qobi


  •  [Brewmoon Festival]
  •  [Binan Village All-Star]
  •  [Yaungolian Barbecue]

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