How To Get To The Lost Isles

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The Lost Isles is a zone featured in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The chain of islands is located south of Azshara and north of Durotar. The goblins of theBilgewater Cartel have shipwrecked on the Lost Isles after fleeing the devastation of Kezan.





Major settlements

Oomlot Village

Minor settlements

Shipwreck Shore
Horde Base Camp
Alliance Beachhead


West of the Maelstrom


The majority of the Lost Isles is heavily overgrown, with giant ferns and trees evident everywhere. There are a number of deadly plants one must be wary of, especially in the Vicious Vale. The beaches are largely sandy and pristine, though the Alliance forces have inhabited a number of them in their attempt to thwart the Horde, including the Alliance Beachheadand the Tranquil Coast. The largest island also showcases the tallest peaks, including a supposedly dormant volcano that serves as the home of the pygmy "god", Volcanoth. The largest island also showcases some pristine waterfalls, including Sky Falls. There are a number of deep caves that run throughout both islands.

The only humanoids indigenous to the islands are the pygmies and naga, and neither have taken kindly to their lands being intruded upon. The pygmies have resolved to sacrifice the wayward goblins to their turtle god, Volcanoth, and have also turned a number of them into zombies. The naga attack anyone on sight within their ruins.

Maps and subregions

Alliance Beachhead · Bilgewater Lumber Yard · Dire Strait · Draka's Fury · Gallywix Docks · The Great Sea · Horde Base Camp · Kaja'mite Cavern · KTC Oil Platform · Landing Site · Lost Peak (Gallywix Labor Mine · Lost Caldera · Oostan [ Oostan Nord · Oostan Ost · Oostan Sor ] · Sky Falls ·Volcanoth's Lair) · Oomlot Village · Raptor Rise · Ruins of Vashj'elan · The Savage Glen · Scorched Gully · Shipwreck Shore · The Slave Pits · Town-In-A-Box · Tranquil Coast · Vashj'elan Spawning Pool · Vengeance Wake · Verdant Highlands · The Vicious Vale · Warchief's Lookout · Wild Overlook