How To Leave The Lost Isles

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The Lost Isles is a new zone that was added in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. This small archepelago is located in the middle of the Great Sea on Azeroth, next to the Maelstrom. The goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel were shipwrecked on the Lost Isles after fleeing the devastation of Kezan. After surviving the perils of the island, the Goblins became allies of the Horde and have since then started to rebuild their civilzation in Azshara. The isles themselves can only be accessed during the Goblin starting experience.

How To Leave The Lost Isles

To leave  Kezan or the  Lost Isles, you can complete all the quest chains. These will take you to Durotar by around level 12.

If you want to leave sooner, you need to be summoned with either a Meeting Stone or with the help of a warlock forRitual of Summoning. However, bear in mind that if you change your hearthstone location after being summoned out, you will not be able to get back and complete the quest lines.

As of 4.0.6 you cannot be summoned out until you complete at least some of the quest chain or level up, not sure which, but beginner goblins have to spend some time there.

You have to get  your flighit plath before you leave, there is one for the horde and one for the alliance at the camps on the south side of the isle.


Notable characters

Goblins washed ashore after the battle between the Alliance and Horde will undoubtedly recognize Trade Prince Gallywix. As chance would have it, players inadvertently rescue him as one of their first courses of action, though many of his cartel may well have fed him to the sharks if they were able. The Trade Prince is the most notable adversary on the island, and it is only with the assistance of Thrall that he is cowed into submission and joins the Horde. Thrall is the second most high profile character (some would argue the most), and goblin players help rescue him from Alliance captivity.

Beyond those two, players encounter pockets of indigenous pygmies, none-too-pleased with goblins washing ashore. Who can blame them with the goblins' penchant for utterly destroying whatever lands they come in contact with?  Volcanoth is more than happy to devour any goblins sacrificed to him, and the pygmies waste no time in transforming those they capture into zombies. As if those dangers weren't bad enough, there are a number of naga to contend with, under the command of a Faceless general. The Alliance have pushed onto the island, taking control of various beaches; though their main objective is annihilating the Horde, they are not hesitant about expanding that mindset to the goblins.