Legion Vault of the Wardens Entrance & Location

Vault of the Wardens was the Warden maximum security facility to hold all of the greatest threats to the world, including the body of Illidan Stormrage, hisIllidari demon hunters, and other terrifying monsters.[1]




 Demon hunters
 Night elf
  Chaos orcs
 Molten giants

End boss

 Cordana Felsong

Instance info


Advised level


Player limit



Tirathon Saltheril
Inquisitor Tormentorum
Cordana Felsong



Adventure Guide

This secret Warden facility was carved into the mountainside deep in Azsuna, and sealed with magical wards both to keep intruders out, and to ensure that the terrors locked within could never escape. Many of the most dangerous foes the Wardens have encountered was locked away within the Vault, but in the aftermath of Cordana's betrayal and the Legion's attack, those creatures now roam the halls freely.

Getting there 

Only starting demon hunters can get to the Vault of the Wardens via a portal opened on the Fel Hammer.

Quick Facts
  • Level: 110
  • Requires level 110
  • Territory: Contested
  • Instance type: Dungeon
  • Heroic mode available (110)
  • Mythic mode available
  • Number of players: 5


  • Tirathon Saltheril – Once ally to the Master, Tirathon made a bargain with the Legion in exchange for more power. Embittered after years of imprisonment, Tirathon is eager to dole out pain and suffering to whomever crosses his path. If that happens to be one of his former captors, then so much the better.
  • Ash'golm – Ash'golm was one of Ragnaros' lieutenants who burned a violent scar across the forests of Kalimdor before the Wardens finally managed to bind him. Unable to fully destroy Ash'golm, the Wardens locked him in a prison of ice. Unfortunately, the recent incursion by the Legion has weakened the countermeasures that kept Ash'golm frozen all these years....
  • Glazer – Like many demons of this type, Glazer can focus his gaze into a potent weapon against his enemies. The Wardens discovered that the creature's magical emissions could be reflected back to their source, to debilitating effect. They used this knowledge to ensnare the demon, and crafted a special prison of mirrors to contain its power. Until now.
  • Cordana Felsong – Traitor. Betrayer. Outcast. Cordana was among the vanguard that pursued Garrosh into the Dark Portal, fighting by Khadgar's side and working to thwart the influence of the Shadow Council. But Gul'dan's dark sorcery wormed its way into her heart, turning her into the warlock's ultimate pawn. Once a paragon of duty, she will now forever be known as the instrument of the Wardens' undoing.
  • Inquisitor Tormentorum – Of all the foul creatures that serve the Legion, the hooded inquisitors are perhaps the most mysterious, and most menacing. Tormentorum arrived in the aftermath of the initial assault upon the vault. As he drifts through the halls of the Vault, his gaze piercing the shadows in search of some vital secret, even other demons give him a wide berth.


Boss Item Type
Tirathon Saltheril  [Metamorphosis Spark] (H · M) Fel Artifact Relic
 [Hood of Indignation] (H · M) Cloth helmet
 [Mortar Guard Shoulderplates] (H · M) Plate shoulders
 [Mardum Chain Vest] (H · M) Mail chest
 [Netherwhisper Wristguard] (H · M) Cloth bracers
 [Portalguard Wristguard] (H · M) Plate bracers
 [Glaivemaster's Studded Grips] (H · M) Leather gloves
 [Felbat Leather Boots] (H · M) Leather boots
 [Striders of Furious Flight] (H · M) Mail boots
 [Seal of Saltheril] (H · M) Ring
 [Tirathon's Betrayal] (H · M) Agility DPS trinket
Inquisitor Tormentorum  [Prisoner's Wail] (H · M) Blood Artifact Relic
 [Soulsap Shackles] (H · M) Iron Artifact Relic
 [Hood of the Blind Executioner] (H · M) Leather helmet
 [Amice of Cruel Laughter] (H · M) Cloth shoulders
 [Drape of Vile Misfortune] (H · M) Cloak
 [Blood-Spattered Gauntlets] (H · M) Plate gloves
 [Leggings of Biting Links] (H · M) Mail leggings
 [Orb of Torment] (H · M) Tank trinket
Ash'Golm  [Flashfrozen Ember] (H · M) Frost Artifact Relic
 [Molten Giant's Eye] (H · M) Fire Artifact Relic
 [Crown of Ash] (H · M) Plate helmet
 [Lavadrip Pendant] (H · M) Necklace
 [Charskin Mantle] (H · M) Leather shoulders
 [Flameheart Vestment] (H · M) Cloth chest
 [Flame Juggler's Armbands] (H · M) Leather bracers
 [Lavabreaker Gauntlets] (H · M) Mail gloves
 [Magmacrusher Girdle] (H · M) Plate belt
 [Permafrost Waistband] (H · M) Mail belt
 [Leggings of the Third Degree] (H · M) Cloth leggings
 [Faulty Countermeasure] (H · M) Melee DPS trinket
Glazer  [Pulsing Prism] (H · M) Arcane Artifact Relic
 [Collar of Blindsight] (H · M) Mail helmet
 [Pendant of the Watchful Eye] (H · M) Necklace
 [Polished Jade Chestguard] (H · M) Plate chest
 [Gloves of Unseen Evil] (H · M) Cloth gloves
 [Girdle of Lidless Sight] (H · M) Leather belt
 [Ring of Minute Mirrors] (H · M) Ring
 [Concave Reflecting Lens] (H · M) Healer trinket
Cordana Felsong  [Elune's Light] (H · M) Holy Artifact Relic
 [Moonglaive Dervish] (H · M) Storm Artifact Relic
 [Shade of the Vault] (H · M) Shadow Artifact Relic
 [Netherwhisper Hood] (H · M) Cloth helmet
 [Shoulderguards of Shunned Duty] (H · M) Mail shoulders
 [Cloak of Enthralling Darkness] (H · M) Cloak
 [Chestguard of Insidious Desire] (H · M) Leather chest
 [Bracers of Twisted Revelation] (H · M) Mail bracers
 [Felbat Leather Gloves] (H · M) Leather gloves
 [Portalguard Gauntlets] (H · M) Plate gloves
 [Waistband of Spiritual Doom] (H · M) Cloth belt
 [Legguards of Illusory Burdens] (H · M) Plate leggings
 [Warden's Martial Greaves] (H · M) Leather leggings
 [Mardum Chain Boots] (H · M) Mail boots
 [Pathfinders of Dark Omens] (H · M) Plate boots
 [Shadewalker Footwraps] (H · M) Cloth boots
 [Moonlit Prism] (H · M) Ranged DPS trinket