The Vortex Pinnacle Loot Bosses Guides

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The Vortex Pinnacle is the level 82-84 five-man wing in the Skywall complex, accessed at [77, 84] via the floating spires off the southeastern Uldum coast, introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Queuing for the Vortex Pinnacle through the Dungeon Finderrequires level 82 and an average item level of 272.

Here the armies of Al'Akir reside, and will not take kindly to any intruders in his elemental plane. The air elementals have entered an unholy alliance with the Worldbreaker, Deathwing and now threaten the denizens of Uldum. It is up to the adventurers to stop the elemental incursion to the ancient land, and the task is uneasy as they have to face the most powerful lieutenants of the Windlord.


Skywall (Uldum) [77, 84]


 Air elemental

End boss


Instance info


Advised level

82-84 (normal)
85 (heroic)

Minimum level


Minimum average
item level

272 (normal)
329 (heroic)

Player limit



Grand Vizier Ertan



Dungeon denizens


Bosses Monsters

Cyclone Summit

  •   Grand Vizier Ertan
  •   Armored Mistral
  •   Cloud Prince
  •   Gust Soldier
  •   Wild Vortex
  •   Lurking Tempest
  •   Whipping Wind

Nimbus Rise

  •   Altairus
  •   Young Storm Dragon
  •   Turbulent Squall
  •   Empyrean Assassin

Temple of Asaad

  •   Asaad
  •   Executor of the Caliph
  •   Minister of Air
  •   Servant of Asaad
  •   Temple Adept
  •   Skyfall Star


Boss Item Type
Normal Heroic
Grand Vizier Ertan  [Red Sky Pendant]  [Red Sky Pendant] DPS strength necklace
 [Stratosphere Belt]  [Stratosphere Belt] DPS cloth belt
 [Biting Wind]  [Biting Wind] Caster wand
 [Fallen Snow Shoulderguards]  [Fallen Snow Shoulderguards] Caster mail shoulders
 [Headcover of Fog]  [Headcover of Fog] Tank plate helmet
 [Grand Vizier Ertan's Heart]  [Grand Vizier Ertan's Heart] Quest item
Altairus  [Amulet of Tender Breath]  [Amulet of Tender Breath] Spirit necklace
 [Mantle of Bestilled Winds]  [Mantle of Bestilled Winds] Spirit leather shoulders
 [Hail-Strung Belt]  [Hail-Strung Belt] Agility belt
 [Axe of the Eclipse]  [Axe of the Eclipse] Strength one-hand axe
 [Skyshard Ring]  [Skyshard Ring] DPS strength ring
 [Reins of the Drake of the North Wind]  [Reins of the Drake of the North Wind] Mount
Asaad  [Billowing Cape]  [Billowing Cape] Tank cloak
 [Shadow of Perfect Bliss]  [Shadow of Perfect Bliss] DPS caster ring
 [Leggings of Iridescent Clouds]  [Leggings of Iridescent Clouds] Spirit cloth leggings
 [Lightningflash]  [Lightningflash] Gun
 [Thundercall]  [Thundercall] Gun
 [Gloves of Haze]  [Gloves of Haze] Agility leather gloves
 [Legguards of Winnowing Wind]  [Legguards of Winnowing Wind] DPS plate leggings
 [Lunar Halo]  [Lunar Halo] Caster plate helmet
 [Ring of Frozen Rain]  [Ring of Frozen Rain] Spirit ring
 [Heart of Thunder]  [Heart of Thunder] Health trinket
 [Chaos Orb] Trade goods


  •   Itesh
    • 1.  [84D] The Vortex Pinnacle
    • 2.  [84D] A Long Way from Home
    • 3.  [84D] Vengeance for Orsis
  •  Magical Brazierω
    •  [85D] Whispers of the Djinn


  •  [The Vortex Pinnacle]
  •  [Heroic: The Vortex Pinnacle]
  •  [Heroic: The Vortex Pinnacle Guild Run]
  •  [No Static at All]
  •  [Extra Credit Bonus Stage]
  • There are only two achievements in the Vortex Pinnacle and only one of them involves a boss fight.  The two achievements are called Extra Credit Bonus Stage, and No Static at All.

Difficulty: Easy

This is an old school platform game type achievement in which you have to find and collect 5 hidden objects located throughout the instance.  You must find and locate 5 Golden Orbs, of which more than 5 can be found if you hunt hard enough.

The orb locations that I know of are here:

  • There is one on the left hand side of the first bridge in the instance.  Check for it off the side and jump off to collect it.
  • There is one on each side of the bridge shortly after Grand Vizier Ertam and just before Altairus.  This is the bridge with the hurricane orbs that knock you back.  One is found just off of each side of the bridge, you must jump off to collect them.
  • In the area with Altarius there are two orbs in the air above the pillars.  During the fight with Altarius you need to use a tornado to reach them in the air.
  • There are two more found on the spiral ramp just after Altairus climb to the top of the ramp and jump off to collect the orbs.
  • There is another just off the spiral ramp before Asaad.  Climb to the top of the ramp and jump off to collect the orbs, this one however requires a speed boost to reach.

Note that while you need to jump off to collect them, you must make sure that you click on them as you pass them. If you miss clicking them, it does not count as collecting them.

It does not matter who in the party collects the orbs, the whole party will earn the achievement when you collect the 6th orb.

Difficulty: Easy

This is another fairly simple achievement to earn as the mechanic that you need to avoid is itself pretty simple.  Asaad casts static cling throughout the fight usually shortly after he casts chain lightning.  This one second cast gives you at least two ways to avoid the effect.

The first way to avoid the effect it to simply not be on the ground when the spell is cast.  If you are not on the ground when the spell goes off you can not be affected by it.  This means that simply jumping any time you see static cling being cast will let you avoid being affected.

The second way is to have levitate cast on you at some time before he casts static charge.  Because the spell is not cast right after chain lightning a priest sometimes has enough time to get levitate on everyone other than the tank before static cling is cast.  This way no one is on the ground and only the tank needs to jump.

This is a per player achievement, so you can earn it even though no one else does.  There really is no real reason though that you should not be able to finish this achievement the first time you are in the instance on heroic mode.


  • To pass from platform to platform, players have to jump onto Tornados.[2] This is achieved by clicking on the tornado (with the 'enter vehicle' icon visible) rather than by jumping off the platform and aiming for it.
  • Formerly, when a player fell (or leaped) off the edge of platforms in this instance they were swept up in the winds and flung back onto the platform unharmed, however after a hotfix they are now teleported to the instance entrance instead. Previously they were also rendered inactive after the fall for some time.
  • Vortex Pinnacle is one of the most remote dungeons in the game. Not only is it tucked in the absolute bottom corner of the world, but the dungeon is up in the clouds, off the coast, and barely visible from the rest of the zone.