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In order to travel successfully in the world of Vana’diel, FFXI Gil is required in large amount. But are you having trouble in looking for a dependable website where you can get FFXI Gil quickly and safely? Don’t worry about this. BROGAME provides guaranteed and fast delivery of FFXI Gil to your account within 30 minutes. So far BROGAME has been founded for many years and have thousands of customers who feel absolutely satisfied with our service. Don’t be so hesitating, just trust us and place the order!

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Brogame try to deliver all goods within 1 hour after your order is processed. For security reasons, if your payment exceeds $50 made via Paypal then you must verify authenticity via telephone. This is due to a recent increase in online payment fraud. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.We can’t trade with trial account. Tips: Dear customers, we strongly recommend you not trust anyone in game who ask you about account information or give you any other sites information, because recently there are an increasing number of frauds playing in game in order to steal your ID info or your gold. Please be careful!

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More safe & cheap golds,items now ,Brogame is reliable & legit website to Buy Items with Enough Stocked and Years’ Exp !

Brogame guarantee your account is 100% secure and we will not use your account to farm gold or do any other irrelevant actions.We will email you everyday to inform you the latest leveling up schedule.

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Fairest Price Guarantee ensure the FFXI Gil, FFXI Power Leveling, and FFXI Accounts at the lowest price and the best quality to reward our loyal customers.

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