WoW Durotar Guide

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Thrall settled his orcish tribes in Durotar after a ravenous plague and undead aggression forced all the civilized races away from the continent of Azeroth and onto the distants shores of Kalimdor. When the burning legions were defeated and Azeroth was resettled, the orcish capital of Orgrimmar was cut from the stony cliffs and barren red desert plains of Durotar. It's here that the Horde find solace from the treacherous humans and the Grand Alliance following the Proudmoore debacle that left the Horde-Alliance peace in tatters. The orcs protected and resettled the Darkspear trolls after a darker evil overtook their ancestral home of Stranglethorn Vale during the last age, a favor the trolls hope to repay with their unwavering allegiance.

The least you need to know

Generally speaking, you'll fly through the lower levels faster (and, in my opinion, more enjoyably) if you work your way through quests rather than attempt to grind for experience (that is, to simply kill every creature you come across that offers experience benefits like some level-happy psycho). If this is your first time out, quests are given by non-player characters (NPCs) with a yellow exclamation above their head, and generally require you to kill certain things and/or deliver items (or pickup items), and reward you with bonus experience and sometimes items or coin.

The natural progression, levels 1-12ish, is to complete the quests in the starting area in The Den, then proceed northeast to Sen'Jin and knock out the quests there, some of which will take you northward to Razor Hill area. After you finish just about all the quests in southern Durotar, explore the principal Horde city of Ironforge (north on the map), then wrap-up the quests in western Durotar and Skull Rock area.

Other quick notes: if you plan to pick up the primary professions of skinning, mining, or herbalism (you can only choose one!) the sooner you can shell out the silver to the trainers in Orgrimmar (there's a handful in Sen'Jin and Razor Hill), the better. Durotar is decently endowed with resources of every type, and the sooner you get started, the less backtracking through easier areas to progress your skill you'll have to do (this is especially true of the skinning profession). Thanks to Bloch of Sen'Jin server for this hint: If you don't have a crafting profession in mind, choose two gathering primary professions. Stacks of gathered components sell for much more than you could make with low-level crafted items, so this is essentially free money. Don't worry, you can always ditch one gathering profession to choose a crafting profession later on.

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