WoW Elwynn Forest Guide

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Elwynn Forest is a vast sprawling woodland inhibited by the bulk of the Human population. The forest itself is home to many wild creatures ranging from boards and wolves to the strange kobolds and murlocs. Elwynn Forest enjoys the security of the Stormwind guard, but that security is only reserved for the roads and towns. Many places are overrun by the Defias staging camps or one of the many strange creatures that have taken up residence in this land. The majestic city of Stormwind lies in the northwest of the forest, looking over the last remaining cities of the Human empire.

Elwynn Forest hasn’t always been near this peaceful. During the first war, Elwynn forest was a major staging ground for the war against Orcs. While Stormwind was razed and the forest burned, the noble Alliance of Lordaeron liberated the area. This allowed for the great city of Stormwind to be rebuilt and the forest to once again grow lush and green.

The least you need to know

World of Warcraft is a game designed to give you plenty of freedom in how you choose to progress your character. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all options are viable and speedy. The quickest way to get through Elwynn forest is to complete all of the available quests within the zone. This takes about five-seven hours and lands you at level ten, ready to head to the neighbouring zone of Westfall. Grinding away enemies (basically slaying the same group of enemies over and over) is always an option, but with the lack of skills and decent gear it just will be much slower then doing quests.

The progression of the zone is to first complete all of the quests in Northshire Abbey. This leads to the town of Goldshire, where you have several quests that involve combating the local Kobolds nestled deep in the nearby mines. From Goldshire, your assistance will be needed to help a feuding farming family. With that out of your way, you’ll then end up travelling to the local logging camp and helping take out bandits, bears, and help locate several missing soldiers. From the logging camp, it’ll be back to Goldshire and then to the local military barracks to help with a Gnoll problem. After that’s taken care of, you’ll be headed off on much more daring adventures in distance (or nearby) lands.

If you plan on crafting then it’s best to pick up a gathering trade as fast as possible. If you plan to do Alchemy, then pick up Herbalism. If you want to take up Blacksmithing or Engineering then you’ll want to take up mining. If you plan on working the Leatherworking trade then pick up skinning. If you don’t really want to craft then pick up two gathering trades! Extra income is always welcome while you progress through the world

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