WoW Eversong Woods Guide

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The beautiful Eversong Woods is the ancient home of the blood elves. The destruction of the Sunwell, nearly decimated the blood elf population. A dark scar littered with the remnants of that undead invasion still mars the peaceful landscape of the woods, as well as splits the blood elves capital city of Silvermoon into the thriving side and the ruined side. Lynxes and the dragonhawks share the forest. Evidence of the blood elves' tie to all things magical is evident around every turn.

Silvermoon City is the blood elves' capital city and lies within the confines of Eversong Woods. One portion of it is ruined, and holds only minimal amenities. The other side is a thriving city and center of trade for the beleagured blood elf race.

The least you need to know

World of Warcraft is a game designed to give you plenty of freedom in how you choose to progress your character. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all options are viable and speedy. The quickest way to get through Eversong Woods is to complete all of the available quests within the zone. This takes about five-seven hours and lands you to at least level ten, ready to head to the neighbouring zone of the Ghostlands. Grinding away enemies (basically slaying the same group of enemies over and over) is always an option, but with the lack of skills and decent gear it just will be much slower then doing quests.

The progression of the zone is to first complete all of the quests in Sunstrider Isle. This leads to the ruins of Silvermoon, where you have several quests that involve combating the local wretched nestled within the walls of the city. From there, you will need to move on to Fairbreeze Village within Eversong Woods. You will combat undead pirates, murlocs, and discipline wayward apprentices. From there, on to Farstrider Retreat where you will look after a troll incursion and deactivate some dangerous power sources. After that’s all taken care of, you’ll be headed off on much more daring adventures in distance (or nearby) lands.

If you plan on crafting then it’s best to pick up a gathering trade as fast as possible. If you plan to do Alchemy, then pick up Herbalism. If you want to take up Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting or Engineering then you’ll want to take up mining. If you plan on working the Leatherworking trade then pick up skinning. If you don’t really want to craft then pick up two gathering trades! Extra income is always welcome while you progress through the world.

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