WoW Thunder Bluff Guide

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With the help of Thrall and the orcs, the Tauren have pushed back the hated, warlike centaur and given up their ancestral wandering; founding the towering city of Thunder Bluff atop the Mulgore's mesas. The nomadic heritage of the Tauren is reflected in the longhouses, totems, and peace pipes that adorn the precipitous city, built not so long ago under the wise tribal leadership of Cairne Bloodhoof. Defying invasion, the city is only accessible by air or through carefully guarded elevators in its southeast.

While banking, player auctions, secondary profession training, and most of Thunder Bluff's business is conducted on the main mesa, a series of rope bridges connect three smaller rises to the principal plateau. The Spirit Rise, Hunter Rise, and Elder Rise host a number of personalities offering class training and storyline quests.

One final inroductory note about Thunder Bluff: watch your step! This city has none of the safeguards against falling the other racial cities enjoy, and it's quite possible to find Mulgore's grassy floor the hard way if you're not careful. Auto-running while chatting with friends is not recommended in Thunder Bluff!

Getting to Thunder Bluff

As an Orc or Troll - Travelling to Thunder Bluff by foot is an arduous journey, and shouldn't be attempted until the teen levels due to the dangerous creatures along the Barrens road from Camp Taurajo. First, make sure you've spoken with the Flight Master atop the Sky Tower in Orgrimmar's Valley of Strength (this will simplify the return trip). Leave Orgrimmar heading west through the "Talon Gate" and follow the roads south - southwest to the Crossroads. This area will act as a hub through level 20 or so, so be sure to talk to the Flight Master here. Leave town heading south, and you should soon see Camp Taurajo off a short distance to the western side of the road. Almost there! Talk to the Taurajo flight master, then continue past Taurajo heading west into the grassy valley of Mulgore. Thunder Bluff covers the northwestern portion of Mulgore; catch an elevator on the southeast part of the rise.

As a Tauren - Thunder Bluff is located in the northwestern part of your starting region of Mulgore. Simply follow the road bearing north and you'll soon be staring skywards at Thunder Bluff.

As Undead - Travel eastwards from Deathknell, past Brill, to the entrance of Undercity (the Ruins of Lordaeron). Once you have spoken with the Undercity Flight Master (into the ruins, down the elevator, and along the topmost ring of the first area you come to), before Lordaeron / Undercity you'll find the zeppelin tower. Make sure you choose the correct loading platform (it's the one with a small flight of separate steps on the outside of the building - check with the goblin on the platform if you forget which is which!). You may have to wait a few minutes for the zeppelin; just jump on when it comes. It's a quick ~3 minute ride to Orgrimmar. When you arrive, be sure to talk to the Orgrimmar flight master, then follow the instructions above under "As an orc or troll" onward to Thunder Bluff.

Map Notes

  • Class vendors / suppliers, such as poison venders for rogues and tailoring suppliers for tailers, are located with the class trainer
  • A much easier way to find your way around town is to talk with the guards, the Bluffwatchers. They'll mark many popular locations right on your minimap and full map, and point you the way.
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