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1. To buy is to accumulate. Get coupon by full accumulation.

Every successful order a customer places will be summed up. When the amount adds up to $500, customer will receive a Coupon Code in their email inbox. Usually we send the coupon at 15th each month. The amount less than $500 will be reserved; while the amount gets coupon reward will not be added up.

Accumulated purchase amount $ Amount of coupons
> $500 $20
> $1000 $50
> $3000 $180
> $5000 $350

2. Lucky coupon everyday

Our new activity Lucky 10% Discount Coupon Draw rewards logged-in customers randomly. Log in to see if you are the lucky one.

3. Adopt good advice

We respect every advice and suggestion our customers put forward. If your advice is adopted by us, we will reward you a coupon. Customers can give advice by contacting Livechat or

4. Aperiodic promotion

There will always be some promotion on our website with a reward of bonus, coupon etc. Please give continual attention.

5. Facebook & Twitter

News of product or coupon will be posted in our social community. Customers have a chance to win a 10% discount coupon every day by visiting our social network.


  1. Only registered users can be rewarded coupons. Have't registered? Click here.
  2. We will take email address as unique ID to recognize each user. Better not change email address when you place orders.
  3. Guy4game reserves the right to the final explanation of company coupon policy.

WoW Gold Price

Price Average Delivery Time
$0.00018 / Gold 87% Customers Get Gold <30 Minutes
Delivery Method: Face to Face, Auction House. The Meeting Points: Orgrimmar, Rachet City, Valley of Trials.
Amount Price
123,600 Gold $ 20.00
20,000 Gold $ 3.59
30,000 Gold $ 5.39
40,000 Gold $ 7.09
50,000 Gold $ 8.89
60,000 Gold $ 10.59
70,000 Gold $ 12.29
80,000 Gold $ 13.99
90,000 Gold $ 15.59
100,000 Gold $ 17.29
120,000 Gold $ 20.59
150,000 Gold $ 25.59
180,000 Gold $ 30.59
200,000 Gold $ 33.79
250,000 Gold $ 42.19
300,000 Gold $ 50.49
350,000 Gold $ 58.79
400,000 Gold $ 66.99
500,000 Gold $ 83.59
600,000 Gold $ 100.09
700,000 Gold $ 116.59
800,000 Gold $ 132.89
900,000 Gold $ 149.19
1,000,000 Gold $ 165.49
1,200,000 Gold $ 198.59
1,500,000 Gold $ 248.19
1,800,000 Gold $ 297.79
2,000,000 Gold $ 330.89

Why Choose Guy4game Buy WoW Gold?

How to Solve Problems

When damage occurs, please follow the steps as below to solve it:

  1. Please notify us via live chat, email or MSN once damage occurs.
  2. Usually we need your cooperation to find out the real reason which causes damage. If damage is caused by us, please move forward to the next step.
  3. Our resolution centre will view this case, estimate the loss and make a final decision on this issue within 2-3 days. If the damage is light, we will choose a partial or full refund to solve this problem, otherwise we will offer extra compensation to fix it. 
    Guy4game make promises to all our customers cordially: If any damage which is caused by our Powerleveling Centre occurs on our customer' s accounts, we will take full responsibility of it, and we may offer top USD200.00 compensation to each order according to different cases.

We will not offer any compensation to an order under some special conditions as below:

  1. No claim or dispute is submitted to us within 24 hours after we finish the Powerleveling service and send email to notify our customer.
  2. No evidence is available to prove that this damage is caused by our Powerleveling Centre.
  3. No claim or reply has been received since the damage happens for 15 days.
  4. A coupon is used to pay for it.

Contact Guy4game

  • Skype:
  • US&Canada Toll Free: 1-888-221-1554
  • Fax: 1-289-660-1297
  • Office Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm EST Monday - Friday.

Guy4game WoW Gold Coupon Reviews

Below, you can find Guy4game reviews written by users. Find out if Guy4game is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Guy4game delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Guy4game legit? Is Guy4game safe and reliable?

Review by Anonymity
Did the trade with Rekrakhalasa and Ewqdsacx. Very very fast and prompt service. this is why I am a returning customer. Thanks again.
Review by Anonymity
GREAT GREAT GREAT! I can't honestly rate their customer service because I haven't had to deal with them ever. Quickest delivery, best prices, and will always hold my trust over any other site. Thank you guys so much.
Review by Kevin Seoul
Amazing. Bought gold about 5 times, always received within the hour, always great service and support. Simply amazing..
Review by Anonymity
Within 15 mins of check out my gold was delivered in game!
Review by Ryan Frakes
as a former igxe customer it was nice to deal with people that care about the product and the customer as well as getting everything done in an ordely fashion. all and all from the time of purchase till delivery id say it took 30 mins. also thanks to Angelica and her cutomer support for getting it done as quick as possible.
Review by Happy Player
I would like to say Thank You to Guy4game Before i came to them for my gold needs i had went to outher websites.Most of them took my money and gave me nothing outhers only gave me half my gold and even then it took them three days to do that so when i came to Guy4game i thought it would just be the same thing but i was wrong. They had better prices than outher places i had been also it only took them 24min to get my gold to me and I got all of the gold i ordered not part of it all of it.Lets just say i did a little dance.Everyone i know will now be comming to get there gold from Guy4game and I will never go anywhere else for my gold. Thank You again..
Review by Azaz106
I ordered 10m but i went on my other account to see if it was working and my character was not online but i think this is a good site
Review by Anonymity
Well, I did it once and waited and nothing happened.. so I 4got about it and later I realized that I'd been getting emails telling me its ready but I waited too long and my money was refunded. (big surprise!) Anyways, I bought it again and this time I actually put the wrong character name, so I emailed them and they changed it for me! Then I got my money and was really excited. I didnt even believe it worked! I was so happy! Best purchase ever..
Review by Nick
I made a purchase but no live chat is popping up. Could use some help.
Review by Nevin Weeks
i appreciated the safe gold and fast delivery here. have been to this site to buy cheap rs 2007 gold for 2 years.
Review by Anonymity
Best place to go for price, in-game delivery was so so, ah was quick though.
Review by Anonymity
They are speaking English and their livechat agents are polite and helpful. Great prices and fantastic game selection. Nice Buy.
Review by Renee
I've bought gil from Guy4game dozens of times, and I am 100% satisfied with the service I have received. They are always polite, kind and a pleasure to deal with. Please keep being amazing.
Review by charlie
I would highly advice anyone looking for cheap runescape gold to use this site, it's quick to reveice gold and they provide great service
Review by Justin
Best website ever.I can depend on them to get my order done quick and fast
Review by Anonymity
Buy with confidence, no scam, i was informed that they didn't have what i wanted when i wanted it so i waited an hour, and then i was even given a bonus because i had to wait :D thanks :P.
Review by Anonymity
You rang me the first day at like 3:45am on a thursday night :S then 11:15pm the following night.
Review by Anonymity
A recent check on my history in buying from Guy4game, it is now 1,674,000 gold bought in the last 1 year and I only play on one realm, horde of course....what other assurance do you need as a newcomer
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