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Below, you can find MMOXP reviews written by users. Find out if MMOXP is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover MMOXP delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is MMOXP legit? Is MMOXP safe and reliable?

Review by 55641
Very happy with the service. Swift and curteous, professional and reliable. It's been years and the quality has only improved.
Review by 55551
Got my gold in about 5 minutes. Will post an update later on today if I get a ban/suspension/warning. As of now, fantastic website.
Review by 55362
Unbelievable service. Super quick and painless. Didn't even have to think about it and was done much faster than I expected. This review is for cash in Elder Scrolls Online. :)
Review by 55328
the delivery was incredibly fast only a few hours for, what i considered to be, a large order. on other sites an order 10 times smaller took much longer to be delivered. A+++++ As far as customer service was concerned, it took a while, about 30 minutes, to get someone online they were busy. They answered my questions as best as they could i wasn't disappointed i basically asked how long it would take for the order, which to be fair is hard to guess, and they told me the usual 24-48 hours. which is what's written on the site so no new info from customer service but i expected as much so no complaints really.
Review by 9118
They can never seem to keep stock on my realm for Face-to-Face trade. I love this site, and I love the fact that they have never screwed me over. The delivery is fast, but the last four times I've come here to place an order Face-to-Face trade has been disabled. Face-to-face is the main reason why I come here, and if they cannot deliver on that, I will no longer be ordering.
Review by 9101
Ordered 10000G and got the amount within 30minutes. Great service and delivery. Will definitly come here again sometime.
Review by WOW Gold or Diablo 3 Gold Buyer
I was a little skeptical at first about purchasing gold but the reviews here encouraged me to make my first purchase. I am extremely pleased with the prompt delivery, great prices, and no hassle process that I went ahead and placed a second order. Outstanding satisfaction will have me returning in the near future!!
Review by 9056
Quite late down. Paid extra for 1 - 30 mins face to face delivery.... It's been over an hour and I need to sleep.
Review by 8994
awesome! extremely fast delivery! and cheapest prices ever!

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