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WoW Darkscape Gold Price

Price Average Delivery Time
$1.99500 / M Gold 99.7% Customers Get Gold <0.5 Hour
Delivery Method: We ONLY do Face to Face trade.To take gold please contact our Livechat.Please fill in your character name carefully and correctly which is your in-game name after you clicked buy now button, we will find you via this name and trade the gold you ordered with your character in game.
Amount Price
2M Gold $ 3.99
2.5M Gold $ 4.89
3M Gold $ 5.89
4M Gold $ 7.89
5M Gold $ 9.79
6M Gold $ 11.69
7M Gold $ 13.59
8M Gold $ 15.49
9M Gold $ 17.39
10M Gold $ 19.29
15M Gold $ 28.89
20M Gold $ 38.49
25M Gold $ 47.99
30M Gold $ 57.49
40M Gold $ 76.39
50M Gold $ 95.29
60M Gold $ 114.19
70M Gold $ 132.89
80M Gold $ 151.59
90M Gold $ 170.19
100M Gold $ 189.09

Why Choose Guy4game Buy Darkscape Gold?

Q:Do you take other payment fax confirmation except credit card?

A:No. Now the fax confirmation is accessible only for customers by CREDIT CARD payment. This is a processing assist helping us shorten the credit card checking system waiting duration which may not apply to other payment methods, such as Money booker or Western Union, etc.

Q:After confirmation, what should I do?

A:Please contact our Live Chat to get the result and updating of your order.

Q:I received an email stating that my order needs a billing confirmation, can I just cancel that order and redo a new one?

A:Please be advised that before you finish the order billing confirmation we can't process any new orders from you, you have the right to cancel the current order but your further order will still need a confirmation after placed.

Q:Is this procedure required? Any other way I may choose to finish the confirmation, like can I just talk with your rep on live chat?

A:Once the billing confirmation is asked it can't be negotiated or skipped, we only accept call and email confirmation, but you could contact our live chat for assistance in order to complete this process smoothly.

Q:Can I call your billing instead of you calling me to finish the procedure or use a skype?

A:We don't accept incoming call for billing confirmation neither a skype phone, only your local cell phone or fixed line telephone is acceptable, once a valid phone number provided you will receive a call from our billing immediately.

Contact Guy4game

  • Skype:
  • US&Canada Toll Free: 1-888-221-1554
  • Fax: 1-289-660-1297
  • Office Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm EST Monday - Friday.

Guy4game Darkscape Gold Reviews

Below, you can find Guy4game reviews written by users. Find out if Guy4game is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Guy4game delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Guy4game legit? Is Guy4game safe and reliable?

Review by Tim
I paid for 50k to be delivered in 30 minutes. After about 20 minutes I received 30k, and was asked to wait another hour for the other 20k. I was offered an additional 2k for the wait. It has been three hours since I placed my order and I am still waiting on 20k to be delivered.
Review by frogman
First time using Guy4game, this was awesome all the way around from order to delivery. Guess I have found a new place to get the things I need for my game. Count on more orders in the future. very pleased with the way this went down. will tell friends about this site an how awesome it was..
Review by Anonymity
Did the long delivery method, to get some extremely cheap gold. After around not much more than 10 minutes, all the gold was delivered. 10k gold for $13.75 in 10 minutes, I've got one word: amazing!
Review by Connor Richards
Guy4game have excellent prices, friendly staff, and quick delivery times! I've never bought gil anywhere else as most other places look kinda shady, Guy4game even holds small events because they care quite a bit about their customers. Fast, friendly and professional, Thanks Guy4game.
Review by Brett B
Guy4game was my first provider of WoW gold. All I have to say is that they will continue to be my provider so long as they have gold to give. Customer Service is hands down 5/5.
Review by i poke emos

I orderd 10m rpaid gold and it would be 8 hours to finish

Review by Anonymity
Fantastic - second time, and fast (10mins), no fuss and easy. Perfect.
Review by Orchan
First time to buy OSRS gold here, and got excellent prices and service. The delivery came within minutes after contacting reps. Your prices are really the best. I will definitely buy from you again. Prompt and professional SERVICE.
Review by Richard Hill
This is my 8th or 9th time on 6kgold and i just love the service always get my order tracks in 2 minutes. and delivery is amazing. thank you Guy4game.
Review by Van
Fast delivery! Faster than other website that I've tried! Thank you! RS 07 gold has been received! Might buy from this site again! ^_^
Review by A great customer
I have on two separate occasions ordered a few hundred mil for my character. Within 15 minutes I got my money, truly a safe a great service.
Review by Todd H
Great website! Best prices and very reliable! Been purchasing SWTOR Credits and other games for years!.
Review by Adam G
Guy4game  functions well and has a great interface. I have already recommend it to two other friends who currently use the website. I have no problem with recommending this website and the customer service is second to none. Thank you for your hard work.
Review by Anonymity
Placed my order then literally 5 seconds later i had two partial delivery of 10k gold each. Guy4game YOU ARE AWESOME!
Review by jack jack
Service is outstanding but the prices for the gold are a little high for what u get bank of wow .com give more gold for your buck but the delivery is slower thru AH BUT IF Guy4game MATCHED THERE RATES I WOULD COME HERE EVERY TIME!!!! ;) but if u want fast gold for that last min item Guy4game would be the best choice hands down keep up the great service and thanks once again for the great service.
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