Druid Feral Talents Builds

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Reduces the cost of your maul, swipe, claw and rake abilities by 1 rage or energy per point. 5 Point Limit.

A decent opening level talent, using less points for your abilities is never a bad thing. More useful for bear form than cat form, as 5 points off of Maul or Swipe is worth significantly more than 5 points off of claw or rake.

Feral Aggression
Increases the attack power reduction of your demoralizing roar by 8% per point, and the damage of your ferocious bite by 3% per point. 5 point limit.

Arguably a superior ability for cat form druids, who are interested in increasing the damage of their ferocious bite by as much as possible. Demoralizing roar can be useful, but in general if you are tanking its better to be able to use your aggro building abilities (maul and swipe) more often through a decreased rage cost than take slightly less damage. Feral druids will have to take one of these abilities to progress up the tree, and both offer good benefits, so its largely a personal choice.

Feral Instinct – Requires 5 points in feral tree.
Increases threat caused by attacks in bear and dire bear form by 3% and reduces chances for enemies to detect you while prowling in cat form. 5 point limit.

A useful ability for any feral druid, this talent lets you hold aggro better in bear form and stealth more effectively in cat form. With this talent maxed out you will be as difficult to see in stealth as most rogues. This can be a good place to put points to move up in the tree, but is not vital for any druids unless they plan to tank extensively in bear form.

Brutal Impact – Requires 5 points in feral tree.
Increases the stun duration of bash and pounce by .5 seconds per point. 2 point limit.

This is a very useful ability for any druid. Increasing bash’s duration by an extra second allows for plenty of time for a druid in bear form to bash, shift to caster for a 2 second regrowth, and shift back to bear before the enemy can react. A vital ability for fighting any melee classes. The increased duration to pounce’s stun is a nice bonus as well.

Thick Hide – Requires 5 points in feral tree.
Increases your armor contribution from items by 2% per point. 5 point limit.

If you plan to tank extensively in bear form, this is a great ability to have. If you, like most druids, do not intend to main tank any dungeons except in an emergency, there are better places to spend your points.

Feline Swiftness – Requires 10 points in feral tree.
Increases movement speed by 15% in cat form while outdoors per point, and dodge by 2% per point.

A great ability for feral druids, feline swiftness is useful for fighting in cat form and escaping from enemies. Cat form druids often seek to get behind their targets in order to use shred, and this ability makes that significantly easier. This ability also provides some protection from other players who may try to get you to chase them as they periodically do damage to you or “kite” you in PvP- since feral druids have low mana pools, and cat form has no ranged attack or slowing ability, classes like hunters, priests and warlocks may attempt to just stay out of range of a druid in cat form, forcing them to waste mana shifting to caster to try to damage or slow them down. With this ability, the druid can easily catch up to anyone trying this strategy. Feline swiftness is recommended for any druid speccing this far into the feral tree.

Feral Charge – Requires 10 points in feral tree. Causes you to charge the enemy, immobilizing and interrupting any spell being cast for 4 seconds. 1 talent point.

Another incredibly useful ability, recommended for any druid speccing this high into the feral tree. This ability really shines in PvP…it lets you close with your enemy quickly and, if timed right, interrupt spellcasting, something druids normally have a difficult time doing. This is best used if combined w/ the Furor talent in the restoration tree, which provides instant rage upon shifting. With full furor and feral charge, its possible to see an enemy begin casting, shift to bear and use the instant rage furor generates to charge him immediately, interrupting the spell and locking his casting for a few seconds. While not particularly useful in PvE, once you are used to having it in PvP you will find it difficult to live without.

Sharpened Claws – Requires 10 points in feral tree.
Increases your critical strike chance by 2% per point in bear and cat form. 3 point limit.

If you are speccing mostly feral, to the point that you plan to do the majority of your fighting in forms, this is a great talent, and is highly recommended. Druids speccing high into balance or restoration will probably not use it enough to make it worthwhile. Because it is a prerequisite for blood frenzy and primal fury, its almost a requirement for a feral druid.

Blood Frenzy- Requires 15 points in feral tree and 3 points in Sharpened claws.
Your critical strikes on combo point adding abilities in cat form have a 50% chance per point to add an extra combo point. 2 point limit.

An incredibly useful talent for a cat focused druid, especially combined with sharpened claws and crit increasing gear. Extra combo points mean a good deal of extra damage in a quicker amount of time. Every feral druid should have this.

Primal Fury – Requires 15 points in feral tree and 3 points in Sharpened claws.
Gives a 50% chance per point to gain an additional 5 rage anytime you critical strike while in bear or dire bear form.

The bear equivalent of blood frenzy, this ability is very useful for druids specced for tanking. Generic feral druids will probably find more use out of blood frenzy, as in many cases you will build rage quickly enough anyway that you will not be able to use it fast enough anyway. Unless your druid is going to be tanking a lot, this ability is probably less advantageous than blood frenzy.

Predatory Strikes – Requires 15 points in feral tree.
Increases your attack power by 50% of your level per point. 3 point limit.

Essentially, at level 60 this talent, when maxed, will give you 90 additional attack power. (Level 60 x 150% = 90). This is not a great ability in and of itself, but it is a prerequisite for the incredible Heart of the Wild ability, so any feral druid fully speccing into the feral tree will have to get this.

Improved Shred – Requires 15 points in feral tree.
Decreases the energy cost of your shred ability by 6 points per point. 2 point limit.

This is a good ability, although it is in many cases overshadowed by some other abilities in the tree. Maxing it drops shred’s energy cost from 60 to 48, meaning w/ a full energy bar you can use it twice in a row. If you plan to do damage in cat a lot and have a way to get behind an enemy (not possible when soloing normally, but doable w/ a group or in pvp), this can be a good ability to have. Not a necessity.

Faerie Fire (Feral) – Requires 20 points in the feral tree.
Decreases the targets armor by 575 for 40 seconds. While affected the target cannot stealth or turn invisible. Castable in cat form or bear form. 1 point.

This lets you cast the normal druid faerie fire spell from bear or cat form, decreasing the targets armor and keeping them visible. It is much more useful than that spell, however, for two reasons.

First, when fighting rogues, it is incredibly useful to keep faerie fire on them so they can’t stealth or vanish. W/out this ability, a rogue can easily use vanish to escape if you are beating him, or get back into stealth to gain access to his powerful abilities which can only be used from stealth. Few PvP experiences for a druid are more satisfying than watching a rogue afflicted by faerie fire try to vanish and see his confusion as he realizes he is still there for all the world to see.

Secondly, the armor reduction of this ability increases physical damage to your target. The armor reduction isn’t enormous, but it can be significant, especially against targets w/ relatively low armor to begin with. Unlike the caster version, where you most likely aren’t going to be doing physical damage after you cast it, using the feral version means you are probably in a form and doing physical damage anyway, so it’s a direct boost to your damage per second (dps). Finally, this ability is 100% free to use…it requires no energy in cat form and no rage in bear form, so it is a sustained, limitless increase to your damage as long as you remember to cast it. There is no reason every enemy you fight shouldn’t have this on them at all times. All in all, a great ability for any feral druid to have.

Savage Fury – Requires 20 points in the feral tree.
Increases the damage caused by your claw, rake, maul and swipe abilities by 10% per point. 2 point limit.

If you are speccing purely feral, this is a good ability to have, as its increase to maul and claw are significant (rake and swipe are used to build combo points and hold multiple target aggro respectively, they aren’t really designed for damage). If you are going for a flexible build with a focus beyond simply maxing out the numbers of those two abilities, however, there are better places to spend your points.

Heart of the Wild – Requires 25 points in the feral tree, and 3 points in predatory strikes.
Increases your intellect by 4% per point in caster form, strength by 4% per point in cat form, and stamina by 4% per point in bear form.

This is the jewel of the feral tree, and the reason many players spec feral in the first place. At 5 points, this provides a 20% increase to whichever stat is most useful to your current form. Because it is percentage based, this ability scales in power with your gear, which is another bonus…the better gear you get, the better an ability this becomes. There’s not too much else to say about it, this is one of the primary reasons to spec feral, it is a necessity for a feral druid.

Leader of the Pack – Requires 30 points in the feral tree.
While in cat or bear form, the leader of the pack increases the ranged and melee critical strike chance of all party members (including yourself) within 45 yards by 3%. 1 point.

For one talent point, a 3% increase in crit chance is a great bargain, and hunters and rogues who are grouped with you will love you for it. Keep in mind, however, that by getting it you are by necessity putting 31 points into the feral tree, preventing you from getting the incredibly useful Nature’s Swiftness ability which is located at 21 points in the balance tree. For druids interested purely in fighting in forms, Leader of the Pack is a great ability, but keep in mind the trade off you make by getting it, as you will forfeit the incredible versatility of Nature’s swiftness

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