Druid Tips:Alternative Method,Typical Combat

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Check out these additional Druid tips:

Druid Epic Flight Form
The Druid Epic Flight Form is available through a series of quests.

Profession Options
You can pick whatever you want. You might find these more tailored to the Druid:

Skinning and Leatherworking - Druids can create Leather armor for themselves or sell it to others.
Enchanting - Druids can enchant their equipment to make themselves more powerful.
Herbalism and Alchemy - Druids can create buff potions or healing potions.
Druid Form: Typical Combat
  1. Blast the enemy with Wrath or Starfire
  2. Cast Moonfire on the enemy
  3. Cast Faerie Fire
  4. Begin melee combat
Druid Form: Alternative Method
  1. Cast Entangling Roots on the enemy
  2. Blast the enemy with Wrath or Starfire
  3. Cast Moonfire on the enemy
  4. Blast some more or cast Faerie Fire once the target breaks the Entangling Roots
Look at the Warrior and Rogue pages for tips on playing in Bear (Warrior) and Cat (Rogue) form.
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