was created to help regural players with their ingame gold needs.Let us grind and let yourself enjoy the game fully.We know how hard it can get if you lack ingame means,that's where we step in and provide you with a fantastic service.We are a couple of enthusiasts who actually enjoy grinding.We don't use any exploits,bots or cheats to gain ingame gold,we simply farm it and we are damn good at it.Keep this uninteresting part of WoW for us and you can just sit back,relax and enjoy your raids or PvP or whatever it is that you are into.We Operate on many realms such as : Kronos 1,Kronos2,Vengeance wow,Warmane Lordaeron,PlayTBC,Looking4Group,The Rebirth,Dalaran and more.

Elysium PvP Gold Price

this is the fresh NEW Elysium PvP realm

It is extremely hard to get gold on this realm at this time,takes few days to obtain 50-100g,this is reflected in our pricing

10 GOLD 10G - $3.2 USD
20 GOLD 20G - $6.4 USD
30 GOLD 30G - $9.6 USD
40 GOLD 40G - $12.8 USD

Q.Is it safe for me to buy Elysium, Darrowshire , Anathema or Zeth'Kur gold ?

A.By all means.We use secure delivery methods while delivering your Elysium gold,powerleveling or an account since we care about our buyers and we want to keep you safe at all times.To this date,we have never had a single issue yet.We do not use any software or exploits while grinding,everything is done legit and by hand.

Q.How Long Until I Get My Anathema , Darrowshire, Elysium or Zeth'Kur WoW Gold

A.We usually deliver your gold to you within few minutes,but sometimes we are not able to deliver right away for various reasons.We will deliver your order as soon as possible,however,in worst case,please allow us up to 24h for the delivery.If we do not deliver in this time frame,we will refund you the full amount 

Elysium Powerleveling Service

We will Boost your Elysium account/character.We do not use any bots or programs.Everything is done by hand and by REAL humans.Price for this service is variable.For 1-60 full level boost we charge 290-425 USD/EUR depending on the class and realm.This will take us about 15 days.We are also doing custom level ranges like 1-30,1-50,20-60 etc.,professions are also an option.Contact us via the form below and we will contact you back with the exact pricing for your chosen level range and for further dicussion.

Here is the price table for each 10 levels,This applies to new realms : Elysium PvP and Zeth'kur PvP.We are getting many inquiries,please do not contact us if you are looking to pay less,we have limited amount of people who are usually busy.Price is only negotiable for Old Anathema (Nostalrius) realm which is cheaper.

lvl 1 to 10 = 20 (€)
lvl 10 to 20 = 40 (€)
lvl 20 to 30 = 70 (€)
lvl 30 to 40 = 90 (€)
lvl 40 to 50 = 100 (€)
lvl 50 to 60 = 120 (€)


Do you have any questions ? Any concerns you would like to discuss with Us ? We are at your hand ! Please fill out the form below or email us at and we will get back to you shortly

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