is always putting Customer Service on priority. All staff in our company have to go through strict training. So we would answer any questions you ask, we would solve any problems you have, we would not stop until you are satisfied with us. 365/24/7 Online Live Support is waiting for your coming. If you feel uncomfortable to contact our Live Chat, you can also contact us with Email or Skype, which is online all the time as well.

Elysium Gold Price

25 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 3.13
30 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 3.75
35 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 4.38
40 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 5.00
45 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 5.63
50 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 6.25
60 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 7.50
70 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 8.75
80 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 10.00
90 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 11.25
100 Elysium PVP Alliance Gold $ 12.50

Elysium Gold Delivery Notes:

1. Elysium Gold is delivered through Auction house, you need to post an item in AH to sell.

Amount less than 105G: please post an uncommon(Green) item; Amount 105G-315G: please post a Rare(Blue) item.

2. We cover the 5% trade tax fee. Example, you buy 100G, then please set buyout price as 105G. Each post must be under 105G, if you wanna buy more than 100G, please post two or more items.

3. Please fill in the correct item full name you listed it in your AH. 

About VIP Membership

1.Lowest Price: Mmotank VIP members can enjoy lifelong VIP discount.
2.Better Service: Mmotank VIP members have the priority to get served fastly.
3.One-to-One Service: Mmotank VIP members can enjoy the One-to-One service.
4.Instant Refund: Mmotank VIP members can get the refund instantly if the delivery is not done.
5.Consumption USD=Consumption Points: The dollars you consumed on Mmotank will be your member points. 1USD=1point.
6.Consumption Points can be used as Cash: Mmotank VIP members can use Consumption Points instead of Cash to Purchase Product from us. Cash coupon can be used while placing an order, which helps you save much money.

Wholesale/Cooperation Department

Regarding wholesale buyers/resellers/suppliers and long-term/big wish to establish steady cooperative relations between you and us. We sincesely look forward to your contacting in case you have any questions or suggestions.
Skype ID: live:mmoak_3
International Sales Department (24/7 Online)
Skype ID: live:mmoak_3

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