Zeth'Kur PVP Gold Alliance

Much lower prices for both Elysium & Zeth'Kur

Over the past months, we were busy establishing and increasing our farming network on Zeth'Kur PvP and Elysium. We are now able to provide you with 100g for $47.90, down from $150, which is a massive price-decrease for all players. Additionally, a month ago - we split our Elysium & Nostalrius sites, but came to a conclusion that this move was confusing for our clients, so we connected them once again, for your convenience.

Nostalrius & Elysium Devs Split, Nostalrius.net and Gold4Elysium.com are now separate

Date: 17th January 2017

Due to the recent happenings, we have decided to split our Nostalrius & Gold4Elysium websites. Both sites will still provide the very same services for the existing realms: Anathema (Nostalrius PvP), Darrowshire (Nostalrius PvE), Elysium & Zeth'Kur.

Zeth'Kur PVP Gold Horde Price

Price Average Delivery Time
$0.15633 / Gold 96% Customers Get Gold <0.5 Hour
Delivery Method: Highly recommend Auction House Delivery Mode which is a fast and safe trade method for delivering gold.
Set up items in A.H. after ordering and make sure to add 5% auction fee to the buyout price. We will buy your items.
Amount Price
30 Gold $ 4.69
40 Gold $ 6.19
50 Gold $ 7.79
60 Gold $ 9.29
70 Gold $ 10.79
80 Gold $ 12.29
90 Gold $ 13.79
100 Gold $ 15.29
150 Gold $ 22.89
200 Gold $ 30.49
300 Gold $ 45.59
400 Gold $ 60.69
500 Gold $ 75.69
600 Gold $ 90.69
700 Gold $ 105.59
800 Gold $ 120.39
900 Gold $ 135.19
1000 Gold $ 149.99
1200 Gold $ 179.59
1500 Gold $ 223.99
2000 Gold $ 298.09
3000 Gold $ 446.19

Guy4game Zeth'Kur PVP Gold Alliance Reviews

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Review by cameron fitzgibbon
I have been buying RS2007 gold and power leveling services since well before RS3 was a thing. I've been a LONG time customer. Yes you can buy bots and scripts to power level or even earn easy gold. But Guy4game has always been legit and they are VERY fast. Customer service could be better and quicker, but overall deff A+!.
Review by Robert
Fast, easy, Swift. Good service, good reputation. Over positive experiences. <3 :D
Review by xxEnzoxx
I always use Guy4game for my needs, greatest service I've ever used. I highly recommend choosing Guy4game before all others. -Enzo
Review by Anonymity
I am a skeptic on everything, but i gave this a try and am very pleased with the service. I will surely do business with this website again. Thanks alot-A
Review by Tony
Took about ~30 minutes to have my 20.000 Gold delivered. Super fast, seeing forward to trade again
Review by DO****s
my mother gives me a big surprise to buy some eso gold to me, but fill in the wrong information, and i contact the live help directly,fix it and got it now. thanks to my mother and thanks for your live help kind helping.
Review by Anonymity
I have bought Gold for wow from this site for the past few years. Thats right years! I would not even think about going anywhere else. They are the gold standard when it comes to wow products. Highly recommend!
Review by Anonymity
web site was easy to navigate and the prices are better then ive seen other web sites. that said: It Took three days to get the gold ordered and over three hours waiting to talk to live customer service to find out what was up. ended up with a personal issue arising and didnt get to talk to them. i did get the gold ordered though.
Review by Korville
Great service with runescape 3 gold for sale. Always got gold in minutes, safely and fast. Thx so much!
Review by Fr****
4monthes havent played game, just picked up 3 orders in 18mins as fast as 4 monthes ago, appreciate Penny`s help.
Review by Gavin
Started using this site yesterday and had 2 fast orders the woman on who phoned me was very friendly i am looking to doing much more buissness in the future
Review by adsgh
This site is very safe ,and the guys are so friendly and helpful,thanks Guy4game,I will support you all the time!
Review by Marc B
Their challenge mode service is TOP NOTCH. I trusted them with my account and they strictly stick to what they promised. Whats even best they finished my order 5 hours earlier!!. I have been a customer since 2010. Btw this is my first time letting a website log in to my account to do any kind of service and these guys earned my trust. Rating 20/10 Speed 20/10 Will def come back for more service again Cheers.
Review by Mikayla
Amazing fast gold purchase, would recommend to anyone out there! trust these guys there great!