Farming Classic gold in wow with a group

In World of Warcraft Classic, “farming gold” is a process of repeatedly killing the enemy, ideally in the form of a large group, “farming” the enemy for experience or loot.

If your goal is to make money, then you are most interested in the latter. Whether in the outside world or in the dungeon, pulling a group of enemies, knocking them down with AOE, and then repeating, you can get gold and various items.

Speaking of details, this will be the best case for you. You can browse lower-level content alone, or team up against tougher opponents. Some agricultural strategies aim to sell unusual gears at auction houses, while others provide artisanal materials such as coins and cloth more reliably.

Some professions are better at farming than others-mages are particularly good because they have a lot of AOE and kite tools-so your career choices will also affect what is the best farming for you, and whether you are a grouping or acting alone.

With so many potential farms, it’s worth trying a few different approaches instead of investing too much time in the feeling they initially get, which you find the easiest, happiest, and most profitable.

If the content of your work is within your level (whether it is a world monster or a dungeon with a team), agriculture is also a very effective level strategy, so if you are about the last game, then this is definitely worth considering all the way. For others, it may only work if you specifically need to make money for a large payment like amount.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold?