Farming WoW Classic Gold in Dungeon

This option is best used at level 40+. The higher your level, the better, and the more gold you make. Everything you do is a farming dungeon or a specific boss. Here you can kill two birds with one stone: if you are still upgrading, you will gain a lot of experience (make sure you have all the tasks in your mission log, always share with your teammates); improve your current equipment; Clothes, recipes, and even a lot of junk gray items sold to hawkers). If you are a team, think about your teammates. If they need or don’t need a project, don’t push requirements to everything.

If you are playing a mage and have reached level 55, then it is good to start alone farming in the depths of Draymore East or BlackRock. The only bad thing is that there are 5 dungeon reset limits per hour.

Hunters at level 60 are good to go to Maladen or Draymore North Tribute. Take off the psychedelic dispel skill, when your item drops, you can loot unique items, so you only need to dispel the psychedelic items you already have.

Think about it, sometimes it’s more profitable to run fast sprints in lower dungeon than in higher dungeon.

Always sell everything at the auction house. If you’re not sure what it’s worth, look at the market. There are some risks, the item will not be sold, you will lose money, just put it in the auction house. Good idea to keep the bank low-level characters and keep everything there until the weekend. Sales are increasing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition, you can advertise on a trade channel to tell people that an item you are selling has been auctioned by the auction house.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold?