Food4Rs is a Runescape gold trading company based in Europe. Food4Rs have been in this business for more than 3 years now. Food4Rs started trading in various forums and with each year our staff became more and more professional. Our main goal is to provide the most convenient and efficient services while offering the best prices in the market. With this approach and dedication to our work Food4Rs have more than 10,000 satisfied customers and 100% positive feedback ratings. Also, there is a very helpful Live Support team which is always trying their very best to help you with any issue. Food4Rs are online 24/7 and ready to buy or sell gold anytime!.

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Telephone: +37060295771
Address: Company number SL019233,39/5 Granton Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom, EH5 1BN
Products: OSRS gold – RuneScape gold (OSRS, RS07, RS3)

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Why to buy rs3 gold at Food4RS?

  • Instant delivery & Always full stock
  • Guaranteed to be the cheapest
  • More than 10 000 happy customers
  • Selling gold for more than 4 years

Is Food4rs Safe?

Food4Rs is a safe place to buy cheap Rs gold. Food4Rs offer an option to pay for gold by PayPal or complete the transaction by credit or debit card. Every trade is safe. If for any reason, within 24h, your delivery gets lost, Food4Rs will refund you a full amount.

Only genuine accounts

Why should you trust Food4Rs? Food4Rs deal only with genuine accounts, Food4Rs do not buy from players who offend rules in any other way. In fact, it’s not possible to play the game or trade gold with banned account. And it’s not only the sign of bad luck.

As well, Food4Rs do not sell RS accounts, Food4Rs only sell gold directly to the players. As you may have heard, the real owner of the account can recover it whenever he wants, together with all items and gold someone else bought with his account. This is a scam tactic, therefore Food4Rs urge you to play fair, and level by level create your Rs fantasy. We will help to “feed” your Rs characters, so no more fool’s gold and fool’s tactics. Our buyers never get banned from Runescape universe. However, Food4Rs are not responsible for your personal gaming tactics after the purchase.

Is Food4rs Legit

Money. If you’re playing RuneScape and you have a lot of cash, you know that’s a lot of money in real life if you would sell them.

Selling gold. Well, to sell RuneScape gold is illegal and it can cause a ban. One of the Jagex representative (RuneScapecompany name) says that players could not sell gold for real money anymore. Rich RuneScape players already sold their gold for over 1000b in past 2 years. And that’s only RuneScape 3 version gold.

Secret selling. There is ~60% of people who sell gold on the sly and no one knows about it, just themselves. How it’s done? Well, first of all, you need to have a buyer or seller to buy or sell your RuneScape gold. But don’t be too trustful, because there is a lot of scammers.

Legit selling site. Most legit site to sell Runescape gold, is food4rs. This site sells or buys your gold for the best prices. Also, the level of the trust of this site is over 100%. So, how to buy a gold from this food4rs store? First, you need to contact with guy who sells or buys your gold. Second, you must to choose price for how much gold you want to buy or sell. Third, and last part, you have to give money to seller. When you are done with trade, you need to tell him which way you want to get your money. Here is payment examples.

How do I buy Runescape gold?

  1. Choose how much gold do you want to buy and enter your character name.
  2. Click Buy Now.
  3. Choose payment option and enter necessary information (please keep in mind that you must be the owner of the PayPal account and the credit card that you have used for your purchase).
  4. Contact support representative via live chat to confirm your purchase.
  5. Support representative will provide location and world for the trade.
  6. Login to the game and make the trade.

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