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What is G2A

G2A.COM is the fastest growing digital gaming marketplace where 15 million customers come to browse over 74 thousand products from 300 thousand sellers.

G2A.COM is a reliable and safe marketplace with the best video game deals. G2A.COM offers low prices for its online deals, a price match guarantee, and the biggest selection of digital gaming products around.
However, G2A.COM is not only a great place to buy games, it is also a great place to sell them. As a seller on G2A Marketplace, you can sell almost any kind of digital goods in a convenient, fast, and secure way. Your online offers can include game keys, skins for weapons or characters and other in-game bonuses, DLCs, gift cards or software – anything based on an activation key or a unique link.

Is G2A Legit

G2A.COM Limited (commonly referred to as G2A) is a global digital marketplace which specializes in gaming products. It is headquartered in Hong Kong, but has offices in various countries including Poland, the Netherlands and China. The site claims to have over 12 million customers, 260,000 sellers, 50,000 digital products and 700 employees throughout all locations. The main product offering on G2A.COM is game key codes to such platforms as Steam, Origin and Xbox. Other products found on the marketplace include software and prepaid activation codes.

G2A.COM does not purchase or sell any digital products itself, it delivers the platform for others to do so, acting as an intermediary by connecting the buyer to the seller. For frequent customers, G2A runs a subscription program called G2A Shield. Besides the marketplace, G2A has a lineup of other products and services, including G2A Direct, a partnership program for video game developers, and G2A Pay, an online checkout gateway. G2A is also involved in eSports, and sponsors professional gaming teams such as Cloud9, Natus Vincere, and Virtus Pro.

G2A has been subject to a number of controversies regarding the validity of the sources for its keys. Publishers and journalists consider G2A to be a grey marketplace for redemption keys, often allowing the reselling of keys purchased in one regional market at a much lower price into another region where the same game is priced much higher, a legal route but one that denies publishers some profit in the latter region. They also claim that as basically G2A acts as an intermediary for individuals selling their keys, keys bought with stolen credit cards are sold, ensuring cheap prices for these keys.

G2A had countered those claims, stating that their critics do not understand their business model, and have implemented programs like G2A Direct and G2A Shield to assure publishers still get a proper share of key resales and customers are protected from fake keys, respectively. However, some game developers involved in the G2A Direct program claim that they only did so because they “couldn’t get G2A to take down the keys for (their) games that were already on sale”.

In July 2017, to further provide transparency in their business model in response to complaints, G2A started requiring all key resellers to disclose their identity and address, and require all purchasers to confirm their geolocation as to apply proper VAT taxes.

Sergei Klimov, the owner of the Lithuania studio behind Gremlins, Inc., Charlie Oscar, said that G2A itself is not a problem but instead the mismanagement of indie owners with their keys when they participate in game bundles or other programs that require them to generate a large number of keys, alongside the nature of economics between Eastern European companies and those in Western Europe and North America. Klimov said that just as retail boxes could sit in shelves, unsold, keys provided in bundles could remain unsold or unused, and that a site like G2A is inevitable to offload and resell those keys.

Is G2A Legit?

Yes,G2A is a legit website.Each and every customer is under protection program to make all transactions safe and legit.

With G2A secure payment gateway, you can pay fast, stay on top of your finances and get on with your life. Manage everything from recent transactions, deposits and withdrawals to currency exchanges.

  • All your payment methods in one G2A Wallet.
  • A checkout that speaks your language and bills in your currency.
  • Your payment information is always secure.

Is G2A Safe?

G2A.COM is a reliable and safe marketplace with the best video game deals.G2A us the world’s first fully regulated and most reliable partner for exchanges.

KYC PASSPORTINGFor businesses such as cryptocurrency exchanges – an easy integrated third-party AML/KYC solution providing automation and scale to the verification process.

UNIVERSAL ACCOUNTA reliable finance account with multiple functionalities including fast payouts and secure top-ups, allowing convenient management of both digital and conventional assets.

TAILORED DEBIT CARDAs licensed debit card issuers, we offer branded and white label solutions with one of the lowest fees for cryptocurrency exchanges and merchants who want to expand their value proposition to users.

Is G2A Safe To Use Credit Card

Through the implementation of the new steps G2A will continue to add further measures that follow the MSO Anti Money Laundering Guideline “Identification and Verification of Originator” (point. 10.6) to fight against fraud perpetrated by stolen or mis-used credit cards.

G2A is proud of its collaboration with Developers and Software organizations, with a recent cooperation with MICROSOFT Investigative Analysts a prime example. In June 2016 MICROSOFT approached G2A and supplied over 550 game codes that they believed were purchased on a third party site with stolen credit cards. G2A was able to assist in the identification of the keys and immediately remove them from auction. G2A has offered its full support to MICROSOFT and the authorities with reference to the ongoing case against the seller. G2A stands ready to share our expertise with our partners.

With the G2A Shield membership you can enjoy a fully convenient and secure shopping experience delivered to you thanks to the benefits g2a offer.

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