G2A Cashback Code 2020 & World of Warcraft Discount Code

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G2A Sitewide Cashback Code

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What is G2A?

G2A is the fastest growing digital game market, with 15 million customers browsing more than 74000 products from 300000 sellers. G2A is a reliable and secure market with the best video game transactions. G2A offers low online transaction prices, price matching guarantee and the most choice of digital game products. However, G2A is not only a good place to buy games, but also a good place to sell them. As a seller in the G2A market, you can easily, quickly and safely sell almost all types of digital goods. Your online offers include game keys, arms or character skins and other rewards in the game, DLC, gift cards or software – anything based on activation keys or unique links.

Is G2A Legit?

G2A Limited (commonly known as G2A) is a global digital market specializing in-game products. It is headquartered in Hong Kong but has offices in Poland, the Netherlands, and China. The site claims to have more than 12 million customers, 260000 sellers, 50000 digital products and 700 employees in all locations. The main products offered on G2A are game key codes of steam, origin, Xbox and other platforms. Other products on the market include software and prepaid activation codes.

G2A itself does not buy or sell any digital products. It acts as an intermediary by connecting the buyer and the seller and provides a platform for others to trade. For regular customers, G2A runs a subscription program called the G2A shield. In addition to the market, G2A offers other products and services, including partner program G2A direct for video game developers and online checkout gateway G2A pay. G2A also participates in E-sports and sponsors professional game teams such as cloud9, Natus Vincent and virtus pro.

There are many controversies about the validity of key sources in G2A. Publishers and journalists believe that G2A is a grey market for key redemption, which generally allows the key purchased in one regional market to be resold to another region with the higher price of the same game at a lower price. This is a legal way, but they refuse to allow publishers to have some profits in the latter region. They also claim that, since G2A is basically an intermediary for individuals to sell keys, they have sold keys purchased with stolen credit cards, thus ensuring the cheap price of these keys.

G2A refutes these claims, saying its critics do not understand its business model and has implemented procedures such as G2A direct and G2A shield to ensure that publishers still have access to the appropriate share of key resale and protect customers from counterfeit keys. However, some game developers involved in the G2A direct program claim that they did so because "they were unable to have the G2A revoke the key of the game that had been released."

In July 2017, in order to further improve the transparency of the business model in response to complaints, G2A began to require all major distributors to disclose their identity and address, and all purchasers to confirm their geographical location to apply appropriate VAT.

Sergei Klimov, the owner of Charlie Oscar, owner of Lithuanian studio behind gremlins, Inc., said that G2A was not a problem in itself, but that independent owner mismanaged their keys when they participated in game packages or asked them to generate other programs for the game. Many key factors, as well as the economic nature of the relationship between companies in Eastern Europe and those in Western Europe and North America. Just as retail boxes can be put on shelves, as unsold, bundles of supplied keys may not be sold or used, and sites like G2A inevitably unload and resell them, Klimov said.

Is G2A legal?

Yes, G2A is a legal website. Each customer is protected by a protection plan to ensure the security and legitimacy of all transactions.

With the G2A secure payment gateway, you can pay quickly, master your financial situation and continue to live. Manage everything from recent transactions, deposits and withdrawals to currency exchanges.

  • All your payment methods are in a G2A wallet.
  • Speak your language and billing service in your language.
  • Your payment information is always secure.

Is G2A Safe?

G2A is a reliable and secure market for the best video game transactions. G2A is the first fully regulated and most reliable exchange partner in the world.

KYC passports are suitable for businesses such as cryptocurrency exchanges – an easy to integrate third-party AML / KYC solution that provides automation and extends to the verification process.

The general account has a variety of functional and reliable financial accounts, including quick payment and safe recharge, which can easily manage digital assets and conventional assets.

Customized debit card authorized debit card issuers, we provide brand and white label solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges and merchants who want to extend their value proposition to users, with the lowest price.

Whether G2A can use credit card safely

By implementing the new steps, G2A will continue to follow the MSO anti-money laundering guidelines "identification and verification of originators" (point 10.6) to take further measures to prevent fraud caused by theft or abuse of credit cards.

G2A is proud of its cooperation with developers and software organizations. The recent cooperation with Microsoft investigative analysts is a good example. Microsoft contacted G2A in June 2016 and provided more than 550 game codes that they believed were purchased using stolen credit cards on third-party websites. G2A can help identify the key and remove it from the auction immediately. G2A has provided full support to Microsoft and the authorities in the ongoing cases against the seller. G2A stands ready to share our expertise with partners.

With G2A shield membership, you can enjoy the benefits of G2A, which brings you completely convenient and safe shopping experience.

Otogami comment: the best thing we can say about G2A is that everything is good. When you try to build a good reputation online, such as origami, it is a neutral comparison engine, which is very important. Since we cooperated with G2A, the sales volume is growing rapidly, and we have not received any complaints from users.

Why players like WoW Classic?

There must be a part of the community that absolutely wants it. Some of them have never played so early. Many people later arrived at vanilla after a long time, and they wanted to see the fuss.

Others have played games during this period, have a rather nostalgic view of the original game, and hope to regain the original feeling 14 years ago.

As a person who has played games from the beginning, I can understand it, but at the same time, I realize that most nostalgia does not come from the state of the game at that time, but from the novelty of the game. This is the first MMO for many people. At that time, many players were playing with a large group of friends. In fact, many people have continued to move forward since then.

I think the actual game itself is much worse than it is now. The game playing method is extremely simple. Most courses rotate very simply, only including 1-2 abilities. Many majors don’t even work at all. Many bosses only involve a few abilities in fighting, just need to do some. Send spam recursively to eliminate the negative effects and watch the omen to make sure you don’t pull the threat out of the tank.

I have no real desire to go back to that. Back at Orgrimmar, he stood for two hours, trying to assemble a group to run the Sunken Temple. It took eight months to collect T1 equipment from the molten core because the boss only lost two items for 40 people. More than half of the game’s expertise is broken in function. Just not for me. Over the years, Blizzard has made too many improvements to the game system, which brings me back to this one-dimensional game mode.

Why use steam instead of buying real disks?

Here are a few of steam’s professionals who provide you with a good list:

  • All your games are in one place.
  • Don’t worry about losing the game or forgetting where to put it.
  • The game will be updated automatically – no need to download the suspicious. EXE file to patch the game.
  • You don’t need to switch disks to play other games – they all exist on your computer.
  • Simple multiplayer game. There’s no need to type an IP address or anything of any kind. Just invite a friend in steam and play a game.
  • It’s very easy to replace the computer. There is no need to put all the installation disks in and install them one by one through the boring installation screen. Just log in to steam and it will automatically download what you tell it.
  • It’s much easier to buy games. Instead of going to Gamestop to buy a copy of the GTA you’re trying to use from a salesman, try to get you to buy a lot of other things, just link to a credit card, gift card or PayPal and pay for the game directly on Steam.
  • Easy to uninstall games. Just go to steam and click uninstall.
  • If you lose the game’s special icon launcher, you do not need to mine the game file to find the. EXE file and send it to the desktop. You can start the game from within steam or tell steam to create an icon on the desktop.
  • The editor – the nice guy in the review mentioned something I forgot – steam has been selling a lot of games, including the big steam summer and winter sales, most of which have big discounts. This $60 game now costs you just $20, and for $10, your game price will drop by a few cents (probably 0.99). They usually bundle the entire series of games together, such as all-star wars games or all half-life/value games, and offer discounts for bulk sales or even the bundle itself.
  • You can also buy games for friends and trust me, which can make people very happy.
  • Even so, the most important thing is that you can use steam without throwing away all the physical games. You can keep physical games, or even continue to buy physical games, and Steam won’t stop you. However, before you buy a paper game, check the steam deal because it can save a lot of cash.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold?