GameKoo signed up in 2003, were the big network sales company, After six years of time GameKoo already have a lot customer and the employee, in china the Chinese name called Jiandan International Network Sales CO.LTD, GameKoo found in 2003, already had the six years sales experience, GameKoo mainly managing the online game virtual currency network sales, leveling up the player’s grade in game as well. In here GameKoo provides the all MMORPG virtual currency, in here you can buy any online game virtual currency. GameKoo not only provides virtual items and currency service for multi-players on the internet, but also a massive trading platform where you can buy the items and currency from them, also can sell gold to them. 

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MapleStory Beginner Pack
Get Started beginner package is stocked full of useful items to help you hit the ground running. Get twice the amount of EXP and item drops, stock up on mesos (the in-game currency), and adopt a cute mushroom pet, all for a low, low price!
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Is Gamekoo Safe

A massive safe trading platform gamekoo, is not only a virtual item and currency service provider for multi-players on the internet, but also a massive trading platform that offers both buying and power-leveling service.Good sales experiences,sales experiences,Excellent delivery. Now have more than 40,000 customers and good public praise in them.

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How long does the delivery take

It will take 10-30 minutes generally according to different purchase amounts. It will take at most 36 hours to deliver if your order a large amount and gamekoo may give you some discounts. If gamekoo still can’t deliver in 36 hours, will give you some discount for your waiting. Please see the details in each game introduction.

How to buy from gamekoo

First choose the currency or items or power-leveling and put them in the shopping cart.

Second click “check out” to choose the paid method(how to pay by skrill, card, money booker or , then just following the steps it remind you. It is very easy. Thank you very much.

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