Gather valuable resources for gold in world of warcraft classic

There are many things to find and gather in the world: leather, fish, ore, herbs, clothes, stones, gems, recipes, flavors, fragments, special reagents, and more. Everything can be sold.

This method can take a lot of time to get enough gold but don’t forget your luck. Pure luck, finding a black lotus or mining two mysterious crystals may save you time grinding and double your daily income.

This is a great advantage to start making some silver and your first gold coin is already at a low level. Skinning is a good choice. A quick and easy way to gather resources for all kinds of leather, at the same time for those in the 60 levels of the game. There are many good places to grind beasts and peel them. I like to be a monster hunter. The monster has a passive racial ability: + 5% additional damage to the beast.

The most profitable occupations are considered to be herbal and charming couples. You can only possess magic if you have dispelled psychedelic skills, it will bring you good gold coins. Taking into account the disillusionment of all soul attachment armor, not only sold to the seller, but I do not recommend dismissing any weapon fantasy, if it is a soul possession item, it will be more profitable to sell to a merchant, if it is BoE (bound On equipment), then sold at the auction house.

Remember, you can’t pass level 225 professional skills unless you reach level 35.

Sell ‚Äč‚Äčeverything you have to the auction house, don’t be lazy, this is your money!

It’s easy to find wholesalers and regular buyers, who usually advertise on-trade channels. They may offer lower prices than auction houses, but you can save time by selling everything immediately.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold?