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How long will wow gold be delivered through Mail?

Messages sent from one account to another unrelated account will be delayed by one hour. Messages sent from the same account or guild member will arrive immediately. Mail from various game programs, such as auction houses or NPC, may or may not be delayed after a specific task is completed. I need to check some more.

In retail, the email you send to yourself is instant, and it should be waiting when you sign in to a new role. The standard time for other messages in retail and classic is one hour for each individual letter / parcel.

The most expensive items in WOW Classic

Such a direct gold Pluto dragon is the most expensive thing you can buy. I would say it’s not the most expensive thing. In the game, some items must be cultivated for several hours before they become hours. Legendary weapon from ICC, legendary staff from fire, crazy title, etc.

The current market price of gold is $120000 = $20 for one token. So your brutosaur pixel costs $800. If pricing, how many hours do you have? If you work at a minimum wage, it may be equivalent to 80 hours. I dare say it’s expensive. Imagine things that take longer to grow? They will take you over 80 hours.

Finally, we get those drops that drop randomly. I’ve been farming intermittently since vanilla. (Baron rivendares) I’ve been active since then, but I still don’t have a mount. How many hours does that take? I actually work in more than 100 places. Sometimes I go there with the "fun" group (and then not down).

The answer ultimately depends on how you see it. Do you want to pay for farming? Or is it so interesting to you that it doesn’t count? Or until it’s no longer fun?

Every WOW Classic player needs Gold

It’s absolutely barbaric to go back to gold. Anyone can easily make fake gold coins made of copper by electroplating gold paint. In fact, every king sentenced the counterfeiter to death, but it never worked: gold coins were so widely forged that no wise merchant ant had ever accepted a stranger’s gold unless they tested f or purity and small weight. Who can tell if it’s fake or genuine. Imagine what it was like: everyone said that every time John wanted to buy something with a $20 bill, let’s make sure it wasn’t fake. Let’s drive an average of 14.6 miles to find the only reliable agent to test the paper. Of course, this doesn’t happen on paper money unless forgeries are detected. Due to the lack of reliable funds, business has stagnated for thousands of years, and gold coins are not trustworthy at all. The death penalty for forgers did not reduce the general craze for the manufacture of counterfeit coins.

Anyone is free to make gold coins and check how prepared they are without testing them.

Keynes called gold coins barbaric relics for a reason: he knew money.

It’s a big problem, why people don’t think at all when they propose to go back to the hell gold coins used by more than 90% of the world’s people who are illiterate farmers. They use fake coins. Why do some people not understand that any real goods with an immediate redeemable intrinsic value of $10 are not necessarily the real goods themselves? If we can do anything with paper money, what harm will it do?

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