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Earn WoW Gold Fast

1. Play the Auction House
2. Be a Tank!
3. Max Out Crafting Skills
4. Hunt for Rare Mobs
5. Be a Better World of Warcraft Player

How to get real money with World of Warcraft Classic

"You will never make living playing video games at home." Since Atari first invaded our home in the 1980s, that’s the mantra of our parents. They are wrong! Just as comedians grew up with the slogan "no one’s willing to pay you to be a smart alec," today’s financial savvy gamers make a lot of money and can do anything but play video games. For your fans of the world of Warcraft, this is a way for you to earn a small amount of money by playing your favorite video game, World of Warcraft:

Increase your role level to 70. The first rule to make money from World of Warcraft is to make money in the world of Warcraft. This requires a high level of character. Once your role is fully upgraded, you will no longer receive XP and will begin to receive a task fee from game gold.

Sell game gold online. There are many places on the line to sell real money world of warcraft gold coins. A complete Internet site has been established around the sale and purchase of the world of Warcraft, and many people have successfully sold world of warcraft gold on e-bay. In any place, you can use level 70 characters to earn game gold coins and sell them. Believe it or not, you can depend on the income for a living.

Sell your account and create a new one. Properly equipped level 70 characters can make a lot of money. If you can sell more than one account with a completely flat role, you can laugh on the way to the bank. If you want to know how long it will take to upgrade your character to 70 before you can press "/ played" in the game. Then click enter. In your chat window, statistics about how many days you spent with your character (24 hours of continuous games) will be displayed. If your role is level 70, halve the time to see how long it will take you to upgrade the other before upgrading. With the improvement of your learning level, you will be able to improve your ability to make money. Some accounts are sold online for thousands of dollars. You can make real money by selling only two of them in a month.

Tip: the game has a new meaning and can have a real and lasting impact on your personal financial situation.

Warning: if you have a design for a sale account, do not include its characters.

Can you sell WoW gold for real money?

WoW token is a mechanism of Blizzard, which allows players to spend real money to buy gold. Money players in the game can make money by killing monsters, completing tasks and selling loot to suppliers.

Since the game was launched in 2004, the gold economy in the game has been plagued by dark organizations trying to sell cash in exchange for cash, and there are a series of other problems, including players’ automatic playing of the game or "bottling", item fraud and extensive account theft by hackers. Stripping players of their roles and selling their stuff is going with the business.

In 2015, Blizzard began to allow players to buy gold from each other using wow tokens to try to control the process and mitigate losses. "Time is money, friends – but sometimes one person is sadder than another," Blizzard said on its official website. "World of Warcraft players can now use Warcraft tokens to exchange game time or battle.net balances!"

You can buy a token at $20 in the game’s cash store, then sell it at an auction house, and another player can buy a token with the amount of gold determined by the token’s current market value. You can’t sell a token after you buy it in gold, but you can change it into game time.

This is a very simple system compared with the heavy economic games such as eve online, which allows real-world currencies and real-world goods to interact with the in-game economy in a more complex way. Tokens are only one transaction, allowing players to buy and sell gold.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold?