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Excellent purchasing experience starts at Guy4game! We are professional, reliable and loyal wow gold online store. We started business on WOW GOLD at Nov. 2004. Today we serve more than 250,000 satisfied customers who place nearly 1,500,000 orders with us every month, Customer satisfaction rate: >99.5%. As a specialized wow gold web store, we will serve you with cheap wow gold. If you want to buy wow gold, please come here. We assure you that you will buy world of warcraft gold at a competitive price. We could keep our loyal customers coming back for repeated wow gold purchases not only because we offer the cheapest wow gold but also because we always have orders processed smoothly and efficiently. We can save you much time in searching for cheap wow gold. If you want to get the gold you need, it's time to place the order! For any questions about buying wow gold, please contact our 24/7 Live Chat customer services. Enjoy your shopping at Guy4game.

Best Price
We pay close attention to prices which are updated every day to ensure the most reasonable price. We strive to provide our customers with the most cost-effective commodities.

100% Satisfaction
Professional and Fast Delivery,Convenient Shopping and Best After-sale Services for every buyer.

100% Safe
We take responsibility to guarantee our wow gold delivery 100% safe. Our experience in this business ensures that every order can be processed smoothly and efficiently.

For gold purchased, if we do not fulfill the order on time, a refund will be granted and issued immediately. Exception: Orders of wow gold made using coupons are not entitled to refunds.

WoW Gold Price

Price Average Delivery Time
$0.00018 / Gold 87% Customers Get Gold <30 Minutes
Delivery Method: Face to Face, Auction House. The Meeting Points: Orgrimmar, Rachet City, Valley of Trials.
Amount Price
123,600 Gold   $ 20.00
20,000 Gold   $ 3.59
30,000 Gold   $ 5.39
40,000 Gold   $ 7.09
50,000 Gold   $ 8.89
60,000 Gold   $ 10.59
70,000 Gold   $ 12.29
80,000 Gold   $ 13.99
90,000 Gold   $ 15.59
100,000 Gold   $ 17.29
120,000 Gold   $ 20.59
150,000 Gold   $ 25.59
180,000 Gold   $ 30.59
200,000 Gold   $ 33.79
250,000 Gold   $ 42.19
300,000 Gold   $ 50.49
350,000 Gold   $ 58.79
400,000 Gold   $ 66.99
500,000 Gold   $ 83.59
600,000 Gold   $ 100.09
700,000 Gold   $ 116.59
800,000 Gold   $ 132.89
900,000 Gold   $ 149.19
1,000,000 Gold   $ 165.49
1,200,000 Gold   $ 198.59
1,500,000 Gold   $ 248.19
1,800,000 Gold   $ 297.79
2,000,000 Gold   $ 330.89

Why Choose Guy4game Buy WoW Gold?

Refund Policy

In case we do not fulfill a customer's order on time or the customer does not want to keep the order any more, the customer can ask for a full or partial refund at any time. The refund will be issued immediately.

Exception: If a coupon is used to pay for this order, no refund is available for the coupon. and the accounts we are selling don't accept refund. And no refund for the completion order.

Please understand we do cherish your order but we'd rather respect your decision. To get a refund on any qualifying products or service purchased directly from, simply send us an email with the demand for a refund by the registered email address on our website, and we will promptly refund the balance of your order to your original account without calculating the deduction of bank transfer fees.

Refund Procedure

Please send an email to or contact our 24/7 Live Chat with your requirement. We will check your order as soon as we get your request and reply you within 20 minutes. 
The refund will be instantly finished at Guy4game. For detailed time frame, please check the following instructions:

Instant refund&displayed: Money Bookers/ Cash U
Usually our billing department deal with refund orders once per day. So at most 24 hours, your order will be refunded. Also you can make an urgent request for a refund via our 24/7 Live Chat or Emails.

Instant refund but days displayed on card: Direct Credit Card/ Visa through Alipay/ MasterCard through Alipay
After we refund your payment, it will take around 5 business days until the money get back to your card according to the nature of the credit card processing. This time period might vary to different issuers. 
Please Notice: Funds credit might be displayed in your next monthly statement. Please contact your credit card issuer making sure no holding funds on your account. We would provide associated files as the proof of the money return to your credit card issuer if fax number is provided by account issuers.

Contact Guy4game

  • Skype:
  • US&Canada Toll Free: 1-888-221-1554
  • Fax: 1-289-660-1297
  • Office Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm EST Monday - Friday.

Guy4game WoW Gold Legit Reviews

Below, you can find Guy4game reviews written by users. Find out if Guy4game is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Guy4game delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Guy4game legit? Is Guy4game safe and reliable?

Review by Anonymity
Under 20min delivery! Real people delivering, not bots! Thanks
Review by Anonymity
the best servise i ve ever met!!!!!guys y are all fantastic.i ve order from y less 6 times.every time and better:))ty
Review by Alec Riker
The gil that I ordered was delivered within 10 min. Was done discreetly through the marketboard and angelica was very personable and pleasant in the chat. thanks for the service!
Review by Jake
Guy4game has the best customer service compared to any other game currency/powerleveling service i have ever been in business with. They not only replied to my emails quickly but looked out for my accounts security! No other site has looked out for my well being like that. Thanks Guy4game.
Review by Tim S.
 jojo was very very nice and very professional, she answered all my questions right away and took her time to help me all the way during my time on this service, everyone can be happy to get her as customer service.
Review by Jeremy
Really was the cheapest around. The delivery was quick, and only took a total of maybe five minutes. Thanks for the great service!
Review by Dawn
it was amazing service because of how fast i got my itm and its safe =)
Review by bas
Alright so i read these comments and i thought "this site probably posted them there selfs" but then my friend bought 15 mil on this site and he actually got it. This is the most legit RS site ever. my friend is buying Bandos Tassetts and im buying a Fire Cape. I truly recommend it.
Review by Daniel
I love this sight i have orderd here at least 10times and i just one a quick it contest (>^_^)><( ^_^ )><(^_^<)
Review by Evan B.
I'd never bought from another site before, and was always a little worried about being scammed, but after I made my purchase I was contacted within minutes and given exactly what was promised. Character is actually leveled and can be seen crafting every so often as well! Great site, 100% satisfied. Will buy from again.
Review by Ma****y
Thanks for the fast delivery and helpful live support, will use this website from now on!!
Review by El Tropica
I bought 50M gold, after order confirmation, got the order smoothly. Thanks!
Review by Jason
delivery was fast and was no problems at all. would recommend.
Review by Ferzy
I purchased osrs gold twice. The first made me wait for over half an hour. But the second one was so quick that I got it in 15 minutes. And hope next time, they will do a better job than this time.
Review by Anonymity
Twice i've bought 1-30 minute gold only to have paid a higher price and received it still 2+ hours later.
Review by Anonymity
Low prices, great service and fast delivery! I am definately going to buy my gold here again!
Review by Olcodger
I've used this site many times and received my Platinum within 20 minutes every time. It's the only place I'll use..
Review by Xander Vanderlip
Guy4game is awsome! ive ordered 5 times and every time i have been satisfied, i love the live c hat, it was helpfull,everything is perfectly done here, i give Guy4game a 5satr rating! Great place..

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