Scamming or frauding people of their money is inexcusable. We are all players, playing the game to enjoy our experience. When you cheat, steal, or lie, you are very negatively impacting another player's gaming experience.

With all that being said, do not SPAM, do not SCAM. Keep your macros short, keep your games fair.

Some basic rules for running a casino: Never SPAM. Never SCAM. Proper casino odds should allow you to -at least- cut even at the end of the night, so there is NO REASON for you to scam. Spam is self explanatory. YOU would report anyone ELSE spamming, so don't go spam YOUR stuff too.

Blizzard's MMORPG World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games out there, and its players are among the most targeted by online scammers.It is common knowledge that login credentials for wow accounts are very much sought after by phishers, so TrendLabs warns about a couple of scams currently going around.

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GameUSD is extremely simple and no-hassle with everyday thousands of potential buyers’ searches WoW Account looking for the best price on World of Warcraft account on available. Trading your WoW Account for other ones is being made fairly easy here,no scam.
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Review by michan
Not a scam, this is great when your in need of some gold! Thank you!
Review by 55161
i thought it was a scam at first but they gave my my 3000k on time
Review by 55233
I ordered 2kk for SWTOR and everything's ok! I waited maybe a little bit too much, so I started to worry about a possible scam, but they said 1-48hrs and I got the credits I paid for! Great service!
Review by 9586
fast and easy, just beware of ppl looking to scam you with money recall.
Review by WOW Gold or Diablo 3 Gold Buyer
Prices were so cheap I thought it was a scam, but I've ordered at least 5 times with great success.
Review by 55223
they actually called my phone when there was an issue about in game name, i thought they will say something about not having enough stock etc, soon as i gave them the right info, they mailed me my gold! 100k, been through other gold sellers, and they take sometime before i receive them, sometimes too complicated! worse didnt get any gold at all! but this site is impressive. right now i ordered another stock of 100k and waiting at the moment coz i liked their service! not a scam or anything, just plain service! 10/10 !! definitely will be a regular customer!
Review by 1266
Very fast. Not a scam. I have bought twice now! will buy again in the near future!
Review by 4341
Bought Gold 4 times already and referred multiple friends to here and have bought gold. Other sites don't compare imo to the service and price, find gold cheaper then this its prolly a scam.
Review by 5600
At first I thought this would surely be a csam like most other gold-buying websites, but when I got the phone call for the pin and got the gold in game (Fast!) Im coming back for more! and trust me if you thinks its a scam buy 100g for $3 and see for ourself!

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