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Get WoW Classic Gold Fast

  • Make Use Of The Auction House
  • Don’t Buy Every Ability
  • Hunt For Twink Gear
  • Be Prepared To Grind
  • Grab Harvesting Trade Skills
  • Use Specific Addons
  • Get Bags Quickly

It’s been more than a week since the world of Warcraft classic server opened, and we know that if you’re still looking for advanced guides, you can. People often say that the most common item in WOW classic is gold, so players must be committed to making money. I agree with that very much. Therefore, a good guide always starts from the cultivation of wow classic gold. The faster you find out, the more gold you can get, so jump in: how to get the free wow Classic Gold faster?

1. Choose the most profitable career and do basic work
It’s also a tough way to limit the highest level of wow classics to 60. When you are young, it’s best to make every effort to do the basic work, get more XP and resources to upgrade until you get extra gold, which can let you enjoy more game content.

Before that, you need to choose the most profitable career for your character, which is one of the fastest ways to earn gold coins. Mining and herbal medicine are the first two majors we recommend to you, both of which can bring great help to your agriculture.

2. Collect resources and sell them at your level
You are always busy with countless works in WOW classic, through which you can find many resources, such as leather, herbs, clothes, gems, fish, etc., all of which can be sold, and you can quickly take some of them away from your career.

However, you will waste a lot of time, not all efforts are in vain, which can bring you huge profits by selling it to others or auction houses. If you want something more valuable, then luck is better.

Remember not to challenge monsters above your level, or you will lose a lot of wealth.

3. Purchase farm wow Classic Gold individually or in batches
In "World of Warcraft Classic", almost every player must experience "farming", which is the process of fighting with the enemy and obtaining the spoils. You can farm alone or fight with your friends, which, of course, can bring more experience and wealth.

The place where we see the most enemies in the dungeon, which needs to be repeated. The higher your rank, the more money you can earn. Get trophies, clothes, recipes, even worthless items that you can share with your teammates. Or, you can take them back to the auction house in exchange for more wow classic gold.

4. Search for some additional help
If you’re always busy with long hours of work and family life, buying some WoW classic gold can improve your in-game ranking. However, it is not recommended to use illegal methods to obtain gold medals, which may cause your account to be banned.

If you have to, make sure you find some safe and legal stores. In a word, the door of the world vanilla era has been reopened. It’s the best opportunity to play your role instead of your role. Take your time.

How do you get enough gold to train classic skills?

In early games, there were several ways to increase your cash flow.

  • don’t spend your cash on shiny things because it’s only temporary and will only take up bank space later (or suppliers charge. 03% of ah price).
  • work in two-party disciplines and throw everything to ah.
  • contrary to the first point. Invest in shopping bags. They can make you "stay in the world longer" and have more space to sell garbage.
  • put everything you don’t need on ah and learn to "play" it correctly. Place items during peak hours, such as evenings and weekends.
  • sell your services. If you are a mage and can teleport the door, please charge a reasonable fee. If you are a professional and can create rare products, please advertise in / trade, but do not spam. Even bags can be bought a lot.

Fast way to level up to 60

If someone has never played World of Warcraft before, does not understand the task, is not familiar with the game mechanism, does not have the support of other players or experienced players, does not have guild help, Wowhead and Youtube Videos, etc., it may take 6 to 10 months to reach the level of a character reaching level 60, playing for a few hours a week.

Experienced hardcore gamers can "go back to the past" to complete many tasks, access almost unlimited "operation methods", spend a lot of time on the game, and get there quickly.

It also depends on how you play. You can reach the rank faster just by exploring and entering the dungeon than by spending time on the battlefield.

I’ve never played MMORPG since I started playing World of Warcraft in February 2006. My friend bought my game for my birthday because he wanted someone to play on his battlefield.

He’s only in the rookie zone until he reaches level 19 and then starts the field. He does have a 40, but that’s anything in 20-30 seconds. He had been playing for about a year before I joined him. He is a fanatical PVP who never reached level 60 during the "vanilla" period (i.e. before the launch of the burning expedition).

I don’t play every day. I only have a few hours here and there. I don’t like going to war with him. It seems chaos and equipment are very important. Players are often "Twinks", that is, 19 level cartoon characters have "big brother", which makes them get the best equipment in each slot, while many casual players often have no value in each slot.

As a result, I played alone in a very open area. Very few other participants from any faction. It may take me less than six months to reach level 40. When the burning expedition was released in 2007, I didn’t have a class 60 toon.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold?