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How to make gold in wow classic fast?

There are gold farms in almost every MMO, and they make so much money that they are completely unaffected by money-based "anti-robot" measures. Paying for games, subscribing to games and collecting real gold and silver for related game services will not hinder the gold farm in any way. They’re so rich that pocket money can keep signing up for new (paid) game accounts, just one-off spammer robots standing in town screaming their links.

Please note that this is in the United States, everything costs a lot of money. Gold farms are like modern spice merchants.

The only reason companies are even bothered by ineffective anti-robot measures is to spin-off good PR or make money from gold farms. In any case, with modern design ethics and technology, this is a failed battle.

Gold farms are also so rich that they can afford to give customers amazing exchange rates, even if MMO itself allows you to buy money or items.

Therefore, the only MMO without a gold mine is the MMO without a gold mine customer. This usually means that MMOs have no participants at all.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold?