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Gold Tips for Priests

The key strength of a priest is its ability to heal and more importantly heal others. When you first begin your priest character grinding for gold is easy as long as you don’t over extend yourself. Whenever you can, team up with another character. Even in a pair a priest can work really well. At lower levels partnering can help you get through the simple quests quickly.

A priest really comes into it own in instances. No matter what instance a healer is essential to the group. A really good healer can be the difference between failure and success in an instance. As you progress through the game instances can be a great money earner. There are many different types on instance and players will prefer different instances. Find an instance you like that you know that you will get good gold and loot from and become an expert at it. Try to pick instances that you can run through quickly. Instances that you can run through in less than one hour and get good loot from are the best. Don’t over do it though. As you gain more level, work on new and higher paying instances.

As soon as you can enter the Outlands, head there. The drops in the Outland are much more lucrative whether in instances or in general play. General items that drop will be worth gathering as you play through the Outlands and through the instances. Motes are the best way to earn quick money in the Outlands. Motes of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Life are dropped by different creatures of the Outlands. 10 motes can be combined to form a Primal. Primal of the different elements are important ingredients for many grand master recipes and will sell very well in the auction house. Many websites are available to tell you which creatures will drop the most motes. www.wowhead.com is a good example. As well as the many instances and raids in the Outlands grinding for motes will be your next best way to earn gold in Warcraft.

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