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Hydross the Unstable

You can all but nuke the crap out of Hydross the Unstable through the majority of the fight by using fade at the right times. When the tanks are switching and aggro resets you hit fade, basically when you see Hydross the Unstable following the tank to the other side hit fade and as a back up run to the other side as well. If fade should fail (never has for me, closest is when I’ve hit fade a little late and got aggro for a second) and you get Hydross the Unstable aggro worst case scenario is you die, but since you aren’t on the other side you don’t get 4 extra mobs spawning that will wipe the raid (you dead is better than 8 adds to deal with!).

When I’ve repositioned myself I reapply any dots that have run out and select an add to DPS. Adding those new dots means more dmg to Hydross the Unstable and gives the tanks time to gain aggro on the 4 adds so for us shadow priests we never have to sit twiddling our thumbs waiting for tanks to gain aggro during this fight. The threat we build up by dotting early is quickly passed by the tank on Hydross the Unstable before the fade period passes and since you are now nuking down an ad you aren’t adding to it. If you find your tanks aren’t as good at generating aggro as Semper Fi’s (they are really good) consider holding off on those extra dots.

Try to stay away from others to avoid the watery tombs, even if it means running around looking for a safe place to stand you should. I find standing in the same place every time we kill Hydross the Unstable (had him on farm for ages) helps since other guild members learn where you are likely to be and won’t stand too close. I guess my guild members they have the same idea since I tend to see the same people a little too close each week (small readjustments rather than moving to a new location solves the problem).

If you do pull aggro and fade isn’t enough DO NOT run away, you could cause 4 new adds to spawn causing a wipe. Stand still or head for the tank and put your shield up and hope for the best). If your on the same side the tank is tanking you won’t cause a wipe this way. If your caught on the wrong side run to Hydross the Unstable and die heroicly 

I’m very careful with using ShadowWord: Death, but I do use it.

It’s a relatively easy fight for a shadow priest.


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