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Leotheras the Blind

This is an interesting one for us, I pity affliction locks on this fight if they use their dots wrong

Human Form - Put all your dots up at maximum Mind Flay range (24yds!!) and mind flay until he starts to whirlwind (WW). At this point if you feel you have time try to finish your spell cast then run away while using ShadowWord: Death. His aggro doesn’t reset until the end of the WW so you theoretically have time to cast a Mind Blast at max distance (run a away 6 yds, cast a Mind Blast if he hasn’t run out of range, then run some more (40yds sounds about right)). If while trying to squeeze an extra mind blast during his whirl wind phase he gets close enough to cast mind flay run away, he’s too close! I use my mind flay button as a way to quickly tell if he’s too close during the whirlwind and would be mad to try to cast something when that close.

During WW any one he selects is random so don’t waste your fade here save for when aggro resets. If your tanks do their job correctly you should never pull aggro.

If you’ve run away as the WW phase is underway you should be out of casting range, (I try to get behind tents as he tends not to go there during WW) so if he selects you as his WW target he won’t reach you before selecting another random target (only lasts a second or two). If he happens to WW close enough to you to use Mind Blast or put a dot on that’s faded do so (remember to keep an eye on your mind flay button, you don’t want to be that close during his ww phase), but time it wrong (especially Mind Blast) and you might hit him right as aggro resets (that’s why we have fade).

If you get aggro right after the WW stops hit fade and shield up just in case (if you don’t get hit use ShadowWord: Death later so less wasted mana). When you know the tanks have him get close enough to reapply dots and Mind Flay as much as possible.

Since we have fade it’s better that we pull aggro after the WW phase than a lock (soul shatter can resist), so though I could hit fade early (just before WW ends and take no aggro 99% of the time) as long as he is out of range I wait for him to come to attack me. As soon as I see him select me (and I get a audible warning from a mod) I hit fade and prepare to hit shield. My thinking on this is it gives the tanks more time to increase threat before Leotheras the Blind hits someone who doesn’t have a fade like ability. That’s the theory anyway.

Rinse and repeat

If you get hit during his WW phase the dmg caused is enough to kill you in a few ticks (think it’s around 12.5K in total). If there’s plenty of healers still alive you’ll probably be healed, I’d recommend using a health stone and prepare to drop out of shadow to heal. I apply a shield, but not sure if it helps (not been hit for a while). If you don’t get a heal quickly drop out of shadow and heal until the dmg stops. It’s a BIG mana drain, but it’s better you are still alive and almost OOM than dead doing nothing. Use a mana pot or send your SF in to regain mana as soon as you can and continue the fight. If you have a little mana use Vampiric Touch and Mind Flay to regain max return (VE is 52 mana, so well worth reapplying). Worst case scenario use your wand while you wait for cool downs/mana regen.

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