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Macros to Attack Multiple Adds or Bosses

You have two main jobs as a raiding shadow priest, DPS and creating mana (creating health is low priority since most will be over healing) for the members of your group (normally healers and DPS classes like Mages that go through mana like it’s going out of fashion!). When there are multiple ads or bosses with a lot of health it can be a great opportunity to excel at both. Dot up the main target and select a secondary target that’s being tanked and dot that up as well, switch back to the first target and attack it all out until the ShadowWord: Pain of the second target has faded and switch. By doing this you create extra mana and health (if you use Vampiric Embrace on both) for your group, but at the expense of your mana (you’ll burn your mana pool much faster this way).

I have a set of macros primarily for Arena, but I can also use it for raiding. Basically you focus one of the targets and have a second set of buttons that attack the focused target.

For example:

#showtooltip Mind Flay
/cast [target=focus] Mind Flay

Basically create a macro like the one above for each of your main spells (Vampiric Touch, Vampiric Embrace, ShadowWord: Pain, Mind Flay) and you can attack two mobs at once without switching targets. Takes a while to get used to fighting this way, but creates more mana for your group mainly due to the Vampiric Touch and ShadowWord: Pain on the extra mob.

I use an addon called FocusFrame which gives you a movable portrait (identical to a standard main target portrait) that shows your dots, it’s health etc… Useful for when your using this technique (and for shackling).


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