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Oath Runes Guide

Oath Runes -- Your hidden offensive power!
As with all classes in WAR, the Rune Priest is defined by a mechanic that gives them some flavor besides just action points (AP) and health points (HP). Every class in WAR has a mechanic like this; think of the Rogue's combo points / finishing attacks in WOW.

For Rune Priests, that mechanic is ... Oath Runes! Surprise, right? Like... Rune Priests have runes, oh-mah-gawd, Mythic is like, so like, smart! For what this lacks in creativity, it makes up in awesomeness. Oath Runes are essentially buffs that you can give to yourself and other players. Doesn't sound very exciting yet, until we get to their second function: all Oath Runes can be "triggered" by the player they're cast on, causing some kind of attack to that player's target - direct damage, DOTs, etc. The Oath Rune's attacking function is instant cast, doesn't disappear after being used, and refreshes every 60 seconds.

Okay, still not convinced that this is awesome? I wasn't at first, until I realized how very, very cool it is.

Let me give you an example. I was running around in New Emskrank (Empire vs. Chaos T1/Nordland RvR area) with 2 Ironbreakers the other day. I had cast Oath Rune of Warding on them, which when triggered from the buffed player, causes all enemies in the area (30 feet) to take 90 damage or so over 9 seconds, at R10. So what did my little axe-wielding buddies do? They followed each other into the Destro zerg, triggered their runes together, and caused nearly 200 points of damage to EVERY toon in the area over 9 seconds - a lot when most people only have 1000HP or so. It was ticking on 7-8 people. If we do the math, that's about 1500-1600 damage caused total, on top of the other damage they did.

Here's the beautiful thing: as a healer, my BUFFS directly allowed two tanks to do that. That's a LOT of DPS for a healer! Imagine the awesomeness of 3-4 tanks doing this together. The Rune Priest's Oath of Warding's ALONE could take people down, if used at the same time!

Anyway, on top of that, they FF'd on a squishy (goblins... it's always goblins...) with their heavy blow and binding grudge attacks, both DOTs that tick away for good DPS, a good 300-400 per IB. That, combined with their Oath Rune attacks, was enough DPS ticking away over 9 seconds to kill a single squishy. And it takes all of 6 seconds of attacks.
This is a perfect example of the SYNERGY between classes and how to use them. Doing so successfully is one of the best parts of WAR, and the great thing about the Oath Rune mechanic is you can be part of your group's offensive synergy, even though you're the primary healer.

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