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Priest Offensive Spells

  • Rune of Striking: 25AP / 2s cast / 100ft Range.
    Does good damage, but the cast time is realllly slow. On the flip side, you've got great range on this, so it's a good offensive standard early in your career.
  • Rune of Immolation: 30 AP/ Instant cast / 100ft Range.
    Everyone gets this on them. Just spamming the hell out of this will get you some good DPS in zerg fests, and when you're trying to FF on someone with your tanks/DPS, this can negate the HOTs that the target's healers are sure to be casting. This does about 50% more damage that Striking, so it's good to lay on early.
  • Rune of Fire: 40AP/ Instant cast / 100ft Range / 5s cooldown.
    Does less damage than Striking (about 25% less), but it's instant. At the same time, it costs 40AP, which can substantially detract from your AP for healing.
  • Rune of Might: 45AP/ 2s cast / No Range.
    Does PBAE damage around you for 30 feet. Equivalent damage to a single target that you'd see from Rune of Fire. The heavy AP and casting time of this Rune makes it pretty situational; there will be times when the PBAE effect will come in handy, but not that often.

That sums up all of the major offensive spells you'll be getting to Rank 10. For the most part, your opening salvo when loading up on DPS is going to look like:

Rune of Immolation >> Rune of Fire >> Rune of Striking

Again, you should see that Mythic has tried hard to make us more than just a healbot. In fact, the Rune of Fire and Rune of Might spells are actually pretty nifty. You're of course not going to be taking down hordes of Destros like a Bright Wizard, but that's not your job. Nonetheless, you should enjoy the power of your offensive skills and Oath Runes.

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