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Priest PVP Guide

Priests are a powerful PVP (Player versus Player) class with many PVP oriented abilities. They are able to hold their own and even sometimes even dominate some classes, especially if played right. Having the proper talent point spec has a great bearing on a Priests ability to battle other classes in PVP.



The only real PVP Spec available to Priests is the Shadow Spec. This tree has recently undergone an overhaul and is better than ever. The increased talents and abilities raise a Shadow Priests usefulness in groups and soloing to that of Mages or Warlocks. Almost every talent should be purchased in the Shadow tree. The only other recommended talent is Twin Disciplines from the Discipline tree.



Priests have many abilities that can help them survive against any class. Psychic Scream is great and should be used often to keep control tilted in the Priests favor. Silence has a forty-five second cooldown that can be used as much as possible against most classes. The exception is healing classes. Silence should be saved for when enemies attempt to heal or when they’re health is low to prevent them from healing. Shadow Form should be on almost constantly when dueling, unless in a dire situation when Psychic Scream can be used to afford a chance to heal. With Psychic Horror, Mind Flay can be used to even more devastating effect to enemies returning from Psychic Scream.


World PVP

Shadow Priests are efficient and sustained damage dealers, and can even do a fair amount of burst damage when needed. Shadow Word: Death is a powerful ability that can and should be used often in PVP to kill enemies as fast as possible. In World PVP, Shadow Priests can gain a huge advantage with DoT spells and Mind Blasts before the enemy knows what hits them. When and if the enemy can get to the Priest, Psychic Scream then turns them away and the route is on.

Shadow Priests attacked have a better chance than most to survive. Due to their Shadow Form and Dispersion Talents, they take a greatly reduced amount of damage and can therefore turn and face their new enemy before they are at too much of a disadvantage.



Priests in battlegrounds are best served as healers. There is no shortage of players to heal and never will be. Shadow Priests can really only do a couple of things. First and obviously is sit back and attack enemies from behind the lines. This is basically a less powerful version of what Mages and Warlocks do. Second is to utilize their Psychic Scream to amazing effect. Using Psychic Scream in a group of enemies will scatter and disorient them, and allow  your party members to move in and clean up the mess.


Last, and of course most easily done and useful to the raid is to heal. Even Shadow Priests should do a large amount of healing. Keeping other, more damaging players alive is the best thing a Priest can do for a battleground raid.

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