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Priest Tips Guide

Priests may be considered one of the best healing classes in World of Warcraft, but that does not mean even the best player does not have room for the improvement. Here are some tips to help the World of Warcraft priest improve his game. He should know how to heal, use his crowd control abilities effectively, and use bubbles when things are desperate to help turn the situation to the group's advantage..

1. Regardless of Specialization, Learn to Heal

The third priest tip is similar to tips found in other classes with healing capabilities, such as the shaman and the paladin. A person who intends to level to 70 as a priest by soloing may ignore the advice for a time, but when he reaches raid level, his guild will expect him to have mastered the art of healing his party.

2. Understand the Priest Class Crowd Control Abilities

While the mage may be the best class in World of Warcraft for crowd control overall, and the hunter's traps do not target specific mob types, the second priest tip is to use the class's crowd control abilities against effectively. Mind control can cause a living humanoid opponent to fight on the side of the priest and his allies, and shackles effectively removes an undead monster from the combat.

3. Use Bubbles to Aid in Healing

Bubble is a priest spell that absorbs a certain amount of damage and prevents the person that the bubble has been cast on from being interrupted. This can help a DPS character who has gained the attention of a monster either lose it, or let a caster start using area of effect spells in the hope that the tide of the battle can be changed in the parties favor. Buffs such as the ones in the fortitude line will help characters stay alive longer and those give a character more time to heal his group mates.

Wrapping up the Priest Tips

Priests in World of Warcraft are a very group friendly class, but that does not mean they cannot solo. Like all casters, they are not as dependent on gear as some of the melee classes, but making sure the gear as as close to the character's level as possible ensures that the mana pool and mana regeneration rates will be what they should be for the level.

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