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Rune Priest Heals

The heals available to a Rune Priest are what make the class shine, but before we explore them, I need to clarify another aspect of the class that distinguishes the Rune Priest as the premium healer.

BOTH of the other healers (Warrior Priest / Archmage) have class mechanics that either inhibit their healing, or enhance it -- depending on your perspective, or more accurately, your situation. Understanding how much this differs from what a Rune Priest can do is essential to knowing how powerful your Rune Priest is.

Warrior Priests heal through HOTs only, with the exception of a full group heal, BUT, all of their heals require Righteous Fury (RF). Every heal cast depletes the RF pool, and even though the HOTs are instant, that can be frustrating, as RF is only regenerated through melee attacks or a time-consuming (and AP-consuming) ability called Supplication. As such, WP can't heal continuously without mixing in some melee attacks, much less spike heal, like a Rune Priest. Their HOTs can make your life as a RP MUCH easier, but, they can't replace you at all.

Likewise, Archmages have a mechanic whereby each offensive cast generates "Force", and each heal generates "Tranquility", but these two attributes are a pendulum; building one reduces the other. If you have a balance of the opposing attibute pooled up, it will reduce your cast time. For example, casting a lot of offensive spells will build high Force, and the Archmage's big 3 second heal will be instant cast with full Force. Doing so will deplete your Force/Tranquility balance, and start building Tranquility. Get it? Again, a limiting factor. Also pretty cool; Rune Priests never get an instant "big heal" like AM can with this mechanic, but it means that if ALL you do is heal as an Archmage, your spells are gonna' be SLOW without some damage mixed in.

Both the Archmage and Warrior Priest can generate some pretty amazing healing. Yet, they can't spike heal like a RP. That's where you come in... again, your ability to provide QUICKER more EFFICIENT healing overall is going to provide awesome group SYNERGY and make these other healers even better. Get it yet?

So, let's get to the heals! Pretty much every heal from every career has a 150 foot range (nifty, huh!?), so I won't be including those numbers here:

  • Grungi's Gift: 25AP, Instant cast.
    Doesn't heal for a LOT, but you can spam this for a good 5-8 seconds and keep somebody up for a long time. You can also spam it on yourself as you flee. You can spam this anytime, anywhere, and it will heal for a lot. Basically, as a Rune Priest, if you're not spamming this all over the place, you're doing it wrong. I'll use this as the baseline to compare to other heals.
  • Rune of Regeneration: 30AP, Instant cast.
    This DOES heal for a lot... over 15 seconds. On the flipside, total healing over those 15 seconds will be about 1000% more than the single Grungi's Gift heal. It's a great skill to lay on your ally being FF'd, or to top someone off.
  • Rune of Shielding: 40AP, Instant cast, 2s cooldown. This used to be a 2s cast, which made it pointless. What it does is shield for equal damage to about 3 Grungi's Gift, and then when done, heal for an amount equal to about 1 Grungi's Gift. The reality is that in the heat of battle, you really can't use this reliably. However, it's a great skill to use on a tank to prep. them for a charge; cast this, dump your HOT, have your WP buddy cast his HOT, and send your tank in for business.
  • Rune of Restoration: 50AP, 3s cast. Heals for about 5 Grungi Gift's, making it a very effective heal, cause it only costs you 2xAP compared to Grungi's Gift. The downside, of course, is the very slow cast time, and Mythic's gone one step further; you get setback a LOT if you get hit using this skill. Setback is basically spell disruption, so you basically need to be sure you are NOT going to get hit in those 3 seconds or you've wasted your time. Using this for spot-healing really isn't a good idea in the thick of serious RvR, but, it's a great skill to START casting right as your tank starts getting into battle, let it rip, thenf ollow up with Renegeration / Grungi's Gift.
  • Rune of Mending: 60AP, 1s cast. Frontloads about 1 Grungi Gift's of healing, then does a HOT effect worth another 2.5 Grungi's Gift. Not a bad skill, and it's great to combine this with Regeneration + Grungi Gift spam to give someone a LOT of incoming healing. The downside is the high AP cost.

Healing strategy, therefore, comes down to efficiency, like in all MMOs. Do you need to spam Grungi's Gift and can't afford to mix in HOTs? Do you have time to work in your more effective AP:HP ratio spells like Restoration? There are no hard and fast answers to these questions. A good view of the tactical situation is critical to being a good healer.

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