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Shadow Priest Macros

Saving Mana (and causing more DPS) by not interrupting your Mind Flay channeling.

Put Mind Flay on a macro to avoid wasting a LOT of mana in over eager clicking (I was over clicking Mind Flay until level 60+!).

#showtooltip Mind Flay
/cast [nochanneling:Mind Flay] Mind Flay ;

I use similar macros for others spells including-

Mind Blast Macro-

#showtooltip Mind Blast
/cast [nochanneling] Mind Blast ;

Vampiric Touch (use same format as above)
ShadowWord:Pain (use same format as above)
Vampiric Embrace (use same format as above)
ShadowWord: Death (use same format as above)
(I also have a second button for ShadowWord: Death not on a macro for when I want to interrupt a Mind Flay to finish a kill quickly - think PVP).

This way I’ll never waste mana interrupting Mind Flay except by choice when I want to do a quick ShadowWord: Death.

The above is applicable to any channeled spell, click a new spell too soon and waste a lot of mana. Yes you can time your clicks, but with the above macro you don’t have to (one less thing to think about).


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