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Shadow Priest Talents

This is my current build http://www.wow-europe.com/en/info/basics/talents/priest/talents.html?5002120030000000000000000000000000000000000053242110241123051551
It’s 90% raid 10% Arena/PVP.

The 10% Arena/PVP includes-

Shadow Tree
2/2 imp Psychic Scream
1/1 silence
Though occasionally this comes in handy for stopping the odd cast, but on a 45 second cool down it’s not essential to a raid build. Psychic Scream is rarely used in a raid situation.

Discipline Tree
2/2 Martyrdom (helps a lot in Arena).

So I could use those 5 points for a more pure Shadow Priest raid build like-


They both increase crit by 15% making Mind Blast and ShadowWord: Death more effective, but with increased crit your ShadowWord: Death is going to crit more often which will make you less willing to use it in aggro sensitive fights. If ShadowWord: Death crits and Mind Blast crits that’s 6-7K dmg (a 1/16 chance for my gear, up from 1/10) in about 3 seconds, my aggro, my aggro! Even with one criting it’s still an aggro risk not to mention if ShadowWord: Death crits you could loose around 3K health!

Still nice to have available for an enraged boss and for when your not near the top on aggro (easy to achieve by casting Vampiric Embrace first).

Spirit Tap

I’ve experimented with spirit tap, 0/5, 3/5 and 5/5 and it can play a role in raiding (have a lot of fun with it in Kara trying to take the killing blow). If your good at timing your ShadowWord: Death you can easily apply the killing blow even in a 25 man raid on adds giving you a mana boost. The problem is there aren’t many boss fights where it’s useful and with WOW 2.3 update we have 30% mana regen from 3/3 meditation so I wouldn’t recommend it.

I have found I run low and even out of mana on long boss fights, but that is more to do with using mind blast and shadowword: death (more damage, but uses mana faster) as much as possible than anything else. If my guilds DPS players wasn’t so good (bosses tend to fall quickly) I might consider spirit tap, so if your in a guild with weak DPS and find your taking the full 10 mins for most boss fights and run out of mana on a regular basis give it a try.

I used this build for a while to aid soloing http://www.wow-europe.com/en/info/basics/talents/priest/talents.html?5002300130000000000000000000000000000000000323250110250123051551
60% chance is pretty good and means little need to drink.

Black Out

I’ve experimented with and without black out and though it’s only 10% chance it can make life a little easier while killing adds (and soloing) and great for PVP. I strongly recommend 5/5 in this talent.

Shadow Affinity

3/3 or don’t go raiding!!

Shadow Focus

5/5 unless your hit is above 76.

Whatever else you do in your talents/gear DO NOT under estimate the importance of hit.

Basically we need hit to total 16% so our spells are not resisted more than 1% (can not remove that 1%) of the time when fighting a boss (anything with a skull is considered level 73 and for those max hit is essential). With various hit from gear you can drop talent points in shadow Focus-

76 hit is the cap with 5/5 Shadow Focus
101 hit need 4/5 Shadow Focus
126 hit need 3/5 Shadow Focus
152 hit need 2/5 Shadow Focus
177 hit need 1/5 Shadow Focus
202 hit need 0/5 Shadow Focus

When your hit is at 202 (99%), your spells will be resisted only 1% of the time and this will have a significant impact to your damage on long boss fights. I’ve seen shadow priests and other classes (Mages, Warlocks) stack damage over hit (I made the same mistake at first) and when they do this they will do great on trash mobs (level 70s) since you don’t need 202 hit to get 99% of your spells landing. With level 70s you only need around 34 hit.

A person stacking damage over hit will do really well on trash mobs, but suck on bosses, so if you want to check how well you are doing against a fellow Shadow Priest raid member (to see how your hit compares to theirs) check your damage against theirs on boss fights only.

Shadow Reach

2/2 you need it (otherwise 20yd Mind Flay, try that on Leotheras the Blind!!!!)

Shadow Weaving

5/5 because this helps you and any other shadow dmg classes (locks) do more dmg. This stacks with other SPs weaving (so max 5 stacks between them), so if there’s always 2 SPs raiding in theory between them they could drop a cpl of points here. 4/5 wouldn’t result in a big loss if you was trying to find an extra point for something (currently using 4/5).

Imp Vampiric Embrace

For Semper Fi I go with 2/2 because the tanks are great at keeping aggro. Other guilds I’ve raided Karazan with I found imp Vampiric Embrace caused too much aggro (= reduced dmg) and so I tried 0/2. When I raided with Semper Fi I immediately noticed the improved aggro retention and respeccd to 2/2. I now always apply Vampiric Embrace to everything I can without problems.

Also very helpful if you use ShadowWord: Death and essential if you plan to sit in the scalding water while fighting The Lurker Below.

Also allows you to take a full blue beam phase during the Netherspite boss if you get a little help from the healers near the end.

Focused Mind

3/3 obvious why


5/5 obvious

Shadow Power

5/5 or 0/5 see crit info below


5/5 a must have, 5% extra spell dmg for everyone in the raid!

Rest in the shadow tree is obvious (you want shadow form and Vampiric Touch) or down to how you play (solo/arena/PVP).

Discipline Tree

Unbreakable Will

5/5 various adds have fear etc… this can save you from this type of effect.

Wand Spec

0/5 great while leveling, but during a raid you shouldn’t be wanding very often, so a waste of points.

Imp Power Word Fortitude

2/2 must have for max HP of the raid.


3/3 helps with mana regen, you need 10pts in this tree to use it. As of 2.3 the regeneration from this has doubled, so well worth trying to get.

Inner Focus

0/1 not essential, but can be useful when used with a Mind Blast for it’s 25% +crit chance. I used to use it to cast the stamina buff (4K mana), but Blizzard was nice enough to reduce the costs in 2.3 so have dropped it.

The rest is up to you (well it all is really).

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