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Shadow Priests - From A Consistent #1 Player page 2

Damage Dealing
Change: Return Improved Shadow Word: Pain back to 10%, remove or lower Vampiric Touch's cast time
Reason: It's always been easy to heal through our damage for any healer, yet I don't want the damage to be improved. Damage is way too high in arenas as it is, but dealing this damage is now a big problem for us.

Back in TBC, since we weren't forced to spend points with crit rating in our gear and surviving wasn't so hard, we had very consistent damage and burst power with dots and MB + SWD combos. Vampiric Touch would do a little less damage than Shadow Word: Pain, but those two combined would always do around 1000 damage, while the same happened to Shadow Word: Death and Mind Blast, hitting together for something around 3000 damage, everytime. My point is that casting VT and Mind Blast was extremely important to bring someone down, but even when you didn't or couldn't, you were still a threat to the opposing team.

Now in a world where people can drop 10k in one ambush, pyroblast, starfire or execute, doing 6k damage every 12 seconds won't cut it. Casting anything is so hard now with Death Knights, interrupts off the GCD and Rogues running around with passive mind numbing when you have no way to get away. I think once survivability is adressed Shadow Priests will be able to gem for a little more spell power and we'll have competitive damage again, but the dots will still be too weak if the instant dot does mediocre damage and casting VT sometimes feels like mission impossible.

Unlike Warlocks, we are very limited by our mana pool, it's not viable to "tab dot" as a Shadow Priest. There's no drawback in dispelling our dots either, so you can imagine it's extremely frustrating to cast 60% slower only to have your spell dispelled before it deals any damage. At least if both dots did roughly the same damage like it was before things would be a little better.

Change: Shadowform now reduces damage taken and increases damage done by 20%, Devouring Plague heals for 100% of its damage done, Divine Hymn is now able to be casted in Shadowform, but it won't heal.
Reason: Everyone wants more. The problem here is having no means to get away from attackers. Shadowform shouldn't be limited to physical damage only, and 15% doesn't work anymore. Also, if the healing was removed it wouldn't feel weird to cast divine hymn in Shadowform.

Remember when warlocks had soul link at 15% back in 3.0? How long did that last, three weeks? We're not warlocks but honestly we are the second worst when it comes to surviving because we have no way to escape.

The 5% damage buff to Shadowform also helps the healing done by VE and Devouring Plague, spells that are really lacking now when compared to Death Knight or even Warlock self healing. Unless we drop form to heal we can't keep up with the massive amount of damage taken in arenas, but if you will always end up healing, why would you go Shadow?

Devouring Plague is a disease that is cured by 3 out of 4 healers, can only be applied one at a time and costs a lot of mana. This spell was a key factor in surviving in small bracket PvP and is now almost worthless considering the mana cost. When it comes to PvE, what could be so overpowered about more healing? Is it that bad that this dot heals us when we probably aren't even taking damage?

Change: Improved Shadowform changed: Fade will now make the caster immune to snares while active, even when the caster isn't in Shadowform.
Reason: This and Shadow Weaving are two issues that hurts in all areas. It hurts survivability because after casting fade you can get snared again right after making the talent useless. It hurts mana efficiency because when you absolutely need to get away you have to go back to Shadowform just for a fade, wasting two global cooldowns and 1000+ mana. Any good team can negate you from reaching your target if they keep you snared, which makes dealing damage even worse.

Warlock's circle now remove snares, Paladins can freedom them and their friends, Mages can blink, the list goes on. We can't be the only sitting ducks in the game unless our talents lets us last way longer, and I can't see that happening when bear druids are being destroyed in 3-4 seconds. Fade is still a 24-30 seconds cooldown, still more than blink/freedom and just as long as demonic circle.

This would make Glyph of Fade more appealing and Nitro Boots less popular, since we're almost forced to grab it as we have no mobility.

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