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Shadow Priests - From A Consistent #1 Player page 3

Shadow Weaving
Change: Shadow Weaving is applied on the target instead of the caster.
Reason: Everyone wants the old Shadow weaving back. Having it on the caster hurts so many areas at once: dispel protection, mana efficiency (having to recast dots after it stacks) and synergy with other classes. If Blizzard doesn't want Death Knights and Warlocks to deal even more damage, be it in PvE or PvP, Priests shouldn't pay for it. Don't forget Incinerate and Chaos Bolt deal fire damage.

Change: Now works like a 5 seconds interrupt (the same thing that happened to Silencing Shot)
Reason: Now this spell is affected by diminishing returns its time for a change. I remember in TBC when this spell was the only caster silence with a global cooldown, and that was only changed when ALL Interrupt/silences were changed to have no GCD. Now all silences have a DR, this spell is changed again.

A little specific look into it wouldn't hurt. You can't say that silence is not a problem if you ever tried to silence a smart healer in arenas, or a Mage with mage armor up. I know it's not a bad spell, but now it's just so much worse than other classes' silences, again I get the feeling that people don't care.

Silence has close to zero use in PvE, even in heroics. Whenever you need that interrupt on a boss you can't count on the Priest, since his only silencing spell never had such capability.

Change: The damage reduction now works on traveling spells.
Reason: I know Blizzard is already working out this one, so there's no reason to waste time talking about it, as we all know how Dispersion is lacking something. But if there was one thing I could change about this spell is having it work on traveling spells.

Unlike most defensive cooldowns, once you see that pyroblast coming you can't dispersion to mitigate the damage. Even though you'll gain dispersion before the enemy spell lands, the damage won't be reduced at all. I don't know if its impossible to change that given the current mechanic of the spell, but what if it had a brief window of damage immunity, just like vanish, for something around 0.3 seconds? That would fix this, wouldn't it?

Mass Dispel
Change: Focused Power gone, Mass Dispel cast time reduced to 0.5 seconds, Enlightenment now also grants 1% spell damage and healing per point
Reason: Before patch 2.1 no one really knew what was the purpose of the Discipline tree. Pain Supression was too easy to dispel and only worked on the caster, Focused Power made no sense (increased damage against feared targets) and the tree felt very incomplete. This patch introduced the buffs to Focused Power and Pain Supression, and suddenly all healing Priests went from holy to disc. The few that didn't made the transition would surely do it after 2.3 went live, with the new Focused Will giving the survivability the tree was missing.

Fast forwarding to WotLK, as said before, interrupts are now off the global cooldown and Mind Numbing and Slow are extremely common. It's hard enough to get that 0.5 cast off, but 1.5 is just overkill. Not to mention the resists that destroy the already limited mana pool of a Shadow Priest or teams stopping you from Mass Dispeling using silences and CC. As Shadow you need to spend your time doing CC, dealing damage and healing in emergencies, it makes no sense that discipline can cast MD that much faster. An 1.5 Mass Dispel that will fail 30% of the time isn't worth casting when you're under that much pressure.

This change would help the fact that Discipline is extremely bloated, essentially removing 2 talent points you're forced to spend besides making Shadow much more viable.

Abolish Disease
Change: Removes a disease every 2 seconds instead of 5 and lasts 8 seconds instead of 20.
Reason: Five seconds is a lot of time between each tic and we all know it. After all the back and forth with Abolish Poison in the WotLK beta I thought Abolish Disease would end the same way, which seems fair to me, but unfortunately it didn't.

The greatest problem with Shadow in my opinion is lack of attention for PvP. The spec is incredible in PvE, it brings a lot to the table and does a lot of damage, but when you take that to a PvP setting theres many things that doesn't fit, such as the itemization, talents and synergy with other classes.

Shadow Priests need some attention, more than ever. It's not fair we shouldn't be looked at only because disc is good. It would be great to know if the designers are giving us that attention.

Thanks for the read, and please post your opinions and ideas.

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