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The idea behind forming G2G was exciting and very challenging for us. At G2G we let players engage with each other in a safe environment,to trade the things they would like to sell or acquire in games with other players.

“Being a gaming fanatic during my college days, participating in almost all tournaments of Starcraft, always encouraged me to consider this passion professional and establish a platform where in game trading is considered as a serious business. While studying in USA, a few opportunities came my way and I was able to earn myself to make a living out of gaming. More than anything else, it feels tremendously great to make a living out of your passion” Ken Chee, Chief Executive Officer, G2G.

At G2G, we are responsible for the provision of global payment coverage to our potential buyers all over the world. G2G believe our success comes along only with the expansion of our partnerships. Today G2G have over 200 payment methods available in 22 different currencies. Not only that, G2G have always been focusing towards the ease of withdrawal for our sellers too. G2G offer a wide variety of payments as well as withdrawal methods to both buyers and sellers. This definitely helps G2G gain competitive edge over most of the existing e-commerce portals in the industry.

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Website: http://www.g2g.com/  

GAMER2GAMER Sdn. Bhd. (1051802-M)
2-B Jalan Pasar, Pudu, 55100,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GAMER2GAMER GLOBAL Pte. Ltd. (201537924K)
17, Upper Circular Road #03-00 Juta Building,
058415, Singapore


USA (Local): (855) 976 8070
USA (Outside): +1 855 976 8070
United Kingdom (Local): (800) 011 9711
United Kingdom (Outside): +44 800 011 9711

International: +603 9222 6654

E-mail: Support & Enquiries: support@g2g.com
Feedback & Suggestion: feedback@g2g.com
Business & Collaboration: biz@g2g.com

Why Buy WoW Gold On G2G

GamerProtect is designed through a decade of anti-fraudulent measures, derived from real-time hands on in dealing with fraudulent behaviours and countering countless fraudulent matrices.

Buyer Feel confident each time you transact with us. Purchase your goods with ease through our SSL protected platform, along with wide range of payment processors to choose from.

Sell your stuff on our platform with peace of mind and leave the worrying part to us. Guaranteed payments on successful trades, with added protection against chargeback and payment frauds.

G2G,Your reliable and secured marketplace to sell virtual goods.

Below, you can find G2G reviews written by users. Find out if G2G is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover G2G delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is G2G legit? Is G2G safe and reliable?

Review by Dhani Miller
I have been using Offgamers and G2G for a number of years for a variety of different products and services and they have never disappointed me. Their live chat system is quick and easy to use and their customer service is second to none!
Review by King Khan
It is a website, with very good service from both the sellers and the stab aswell. The delivery is very fast, when buying in-game currency like gold etc. But on negative aspect of it now, is the prices the sellers are making. It has been made too expensive. like 2 weeks before the prices were perfect, but i think it's because of the prepatch legion.
Review by Desley Asselmans

Insanely slow delivery..
After selling gold to a costumer he did not reply for over 18hours...
After then Sending the gold ingame because the costumer didnt come online.
He requested a refund and said he did not recieve anything
From here on its been going very slow.... Still awaiting payment.
& hoping i even get paid..

Review by trorisson
I bought account in G2G from Asunti seller, delivery for me was in less then 10 minutes. One minus was waiting for payment veryfication about 30min. After getting my Pala I bought gold and everything goes smothly there too.
Review by Will Herring
I've been buying from G2G since it was Offgamers, and have always had an exceptional experience. Customer service is always available if anything goes wrong, and its always resolved quickly.
Review by Vanessa Chung

"Legit and sellers are usually quite fast"

I have been using the site since it launched. The prices are usually very good. I buy a few times a month, sometimes more. If stock is not available, you receive a store credit back in a couple hours. Would recommend to friends.

Review by Zeegoch
I guess seller messed up with some language settings, Russian accounts should work fine at EU realms though there may be some issues if someone logged in via Russian client before. I use g2g (offgamers) for around 2 years both as buyer and as seller. If there were some delays or issues with orders support always helped very quickly, glad to hear they solved you issue too.
Review by hijaq
My personal expierience of using G2G is quite good. Im uncommon seller there so i know what im talking about. Sometimes I have little problems with most of it can resolve withing chat support. During few years of using this site I have 2 problems that cannot resolve chat support(one of them was my fault). Both times I got support via skype 1st time Ken helped me 2nd Connie so Im happy to work with G2G. If you are looking for a long-term serious partner - G2G is the best choice, imho.
Review by spiritosanto
Hello. I buy and sell about 5 years on g2g ( offgamers before ) . I can say with confidence that this is the best service I've seen in many years on the wow market and not only wow. Fastest support and timely payments . And there is nothing more to add because everything works perfectly. I have gold status like buyer and delivered 450 orders like Uncommon Seller.