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Why Buy WOW Gold At IGVault

In order to help you achieve your great ambitions in the game, rely on our great 8-year old network to provide you with very quick and safe 24/7 services.
Indeed, thanks to trusted relationships with reliable payments partners and suppliers, you can notably benefit from plenty of stock of cheap WOW gold for all the servers, as well as many payment methods that are of course all secure.

Besides, with the delivery of the WOW Gold via Auction House, you quickly get your gold. 
This is proven by the fact that 95% of the orders are usually delivered within 10 minutes after placing the order. 

At IGVault, constantly improve our services to ensure the safety of your account.

IGVault Safety Guaranteed

Trading with us is 100% safe! Although it is unlikely that your account would get suspended or your Dofus Touch Kamas would get seized by Ankama due to your exchange with IGVault, we ensure you that, in the case this would happen, we will provide you with a full compensation by either re-deliver the Dofus Touch Kamas to you, or refund you the full amount you would have paid.
IGVault can guarantee very quick and safe 24/7 services, thanks to the important and trusted network that IGVault have been developing and improving for more than 8 years.

Below, you can find Igvault reviews written by users. Find out if Igvault is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Igvault delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Igvault legit? Is Igvault safe and reliable?

Review by Redsteele
Very quick, safe and reliable. I ordered and received it in minutes. They have flexible pricing options and their 24/7 chat is always a help. Give them a try.
Review by Allen James Alonso
hey were fast and speedy with giving me what I ordered! The staff is awesome and understanding too! 100% Satisfied with this service. It is 100% LEGIT TOO!
Review by Anne
I have been using this wonderful site for many months and they have NEVER disappointed me. In fact they often exceed my expectations by surprising me with lightning fast delivery! I am extremely pleased with everything about this company, will continue utilizing their excellent services and recommend them to everyone I know.
Review by mike
amazing site!!! i contacted live support first and they were very friendly, i explained i was having trouble with other sites and they were glad to help! i placed my order and recieved in only 10 minutes this is the best site to buy gold by far and i will use only them from now on!!! thanks for the awesome service Igvault!!!
Review by Dart
I was skeptical to buy Gil because all the gold spammers I felt it was a scam or I was going to get banned, so I started looking on Google and found these guys and I have never heard their name before so I checked them out. Their prices were a little higher but I have never seen them spam you In game so gave it a shot.. 4 minutes later I got reply with a standard looking player name spoke great English and had absolutely 0 problems from these guys just an amazing experience!! 10/10 thank you guys!! Will buy again.
Review by Connor Klemp
I recently purchased a substantial amount of gold and they were polite when we talked and very detail orientated for the steps. 100% recommend for all your gold needs.
Review by Patrick
Great service. Took a day or so, but the customer service was awesome. I will definitely use Igvault again.
Review by ArmorG
Yesterday was my 1st time doing this. I was nervous about the whole process. Everything went smooth. I ordered miday at work and when I got home that evening it was in my in game mail. Thanks I will use this service again and again.
Review by Si Cooper
I ordered FFXIV gil from Igvault. I was a little hesitant, since I had never used them, but their website seemed professional. I have used other services in the past, but none have been so quickly processed and delivered. Outstanding customer service.

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