Shaman Allowable Races & Guides,Tips,Strategies

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Allowable Races: Orc, Tauren, Troll, Draenei

Standard Bars: Health/Mana

Allowable Equipment: Cloth, Leather, Shields, Mail (with training)
Allowable Weapons: One-Handed Maces, Staves, Fist Weapons (Draenei with training), One-Handed Axes (with training), Daggers (with training), Two-Handed Axes (with training), Two-Handed Maces (with training)

The Shaman class was originally only available to three of the Horde races: Tauren, Orcs, and Trolls. Designed as a counterpart to the Paladin, the Shaman class was originally unavailable to the Alliance. This was said to create much trouble in developing both classes since they needed to be balanced against each other. The release of the Burning Crusade expansion introduced the Shaman to the Alliance through the Draenei while the Horde gained access to the Blood Elf Paladin), thus making it possible for both classes to be developed independent of each other. In parties, Shamans make the quintessential fifth member; supplementing the others with powerful buffs (using their totems and shields) along with healing or damage on par with other, more specialized classes. Shamans have the ability to resurrect themselves once per hour (which can be reduced with talent points to once every 40 minutes) using their Reincarnation ability. In addition to its uses within a fight, this, in combination with their ability to resurrect other players, makes Shamans a viable utility for wipe recovery.



Totems are unique to the Shaman, and must be obtained by completing certain quests. A shaman can use one of each elemental type at any one time. Once a totem is put down, it cannot be moved - but a new totem can always be used to replace it if it requires the same Elemental Totem to cast it. With the spell 'Totemic Call' (available at level 30) shamans can instantly remove all of their totems for no mana and receive 25% of the mana spent on the totems back.

However, as of 2.4, Shamans who have not yet reached level 30 and trained the spell 'Totemic Call' will see "Totem Timers" below their character portraits. As with buffs, a simple right-click to the "Totem Timer" icon, and the totem will be destroyed with no mana gain.

  • See the Shaman Totems page for complete list of totems, and additional details.


Shaman spells include direct damage spells, heals, and weapon buffs among others. Their spells are mostly based on the elements.


Shaman talents are split into 3 categories:

  • Elemental—improvements in offensive spells and offensive totems.
  • Enhancement—improvements in melee related skills and enhancement totems.
  • Restoration—improvements in healing and restoration totems.



  • Maces (1-handed)
  • Staves (2-handed)
  • Shields (off-hand)


  • Daggers (1-handed)
  • Fist Weapons (1-handed)
  • Axes (1-handed)
  • Maces (2-handed)
  • Axes (2-handed)

The previous two were originally 10-point talents in Enhancement and were replaced with Shamanistic Focus in Patch 2.3

Talent-based enhancements

  • Offhand weapons ("Dual-wielding")

Cannot use

  • Swords (1-handed or 2-handed)
  • Polearms
  • Ranged weapons (wands, bows, throwing weapons, crossbows, guns)

Note: the inability of Shamans to use ranged weapons makes the Troll's Throwing Weapon Specialization and Bow Specialization racial traits worthless for them.

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