The best Profession for WoW Classic Gold

The best Profession for WoW Classic Gold:
1. Gathering
2. Production/crafting
This is not surprising, as these two special occupational categories have provided sustainable profits for World of Warcraft players for a long time. Before we get into actual occupations, let’s see what they mean:

Gathering profession

These allow you to harvest ore, herbs, meat, leather and more. Ultimately, these resources can be used by other professions to make consumables, items, equipment, and more. Alternatively, you can sell some of your collected items directly at the auction house-of course, if they are the Bank of England.


To make anything, you need materials and these materials come from collection professionals. These allow you to create anything from powerful equipment and even trade goods. As you may have guessed, selling certain high-demand weapons, armor, etc. can become a quite profitable in-game business.

The advantage of these two occupational categories is that they are parallel and inconsistent, which means that you can combine them to produce great results. For example, you can choose to mine as your collecting professor, and then choose a blacksmith to make it by hand, so that you can satisfy your production career with the materials you collect when you are tasking or deliberately searching for resource nodes.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold?